Sunday, December 30, 2018

Frustrated With Getting The .com Back Up and Running!

              I went to my former provider where I bought originally back in 2015 when I got it and I am appalled that I am not allowed to take the domain else where for example here on Hello! They don't own the domain anymore, the domain expired at the start of November! So they shouldn't have anything to do with it and they said it will expire within 40 days but it hasn't been available yet which is really starting to piss me the heck off as I want to move away from HostGator entirely and as you know this was my plan from the get go that I wanted to get myself away from them and away from 000webhost and it seems like I do not have that freedom at this point. It's like I signed my life away or a damn contract but when I didn't sign a damn thing. My domain was for 3 years! Those three years is up! Means I should have the ability of going elsewhere if I darn well please and it feels like I am stuck with the same provider and no freedom whatsoever to explore other options and now I have no other damn options or freedom. I got mad at em and I am glad I did because they do not own me! 

             What do I mean by that? Well because as you all know I got a Chris B On The Web shirt which now renders useless as I cannot now not re-register the domain elsewhere. The second point I would like to make I spent $51 dollars Canadian on the damn shirt which means I have now lost money from all of this. I am very, very pissed at this point. I did this to help promote CBOTW and that is now not going to happen at this point as I lost money from this and they seem to not care right now as they ignored my DM on Twitter and right now I plan on not answering their DM right now. I kind of feel like taking legal action against em but I feel like that is not the road to go, not as of yet. Yes the contract with the domain was 3 years and it was up and I should have or be able to go wherever I feel like I want to go since the agreement is no longer active as I have not renewed with them whatsoever. 

                 What is the plan now? I just do not know, I do not have a damn clue what is next for CBOTW or if IT will continue within the New Year at this point. I know this puts Everything About Reality TV and The CBOTW Show in jeopardy at the moment and it will have no affiliate or company that produces the podcast.  Hate to say this it may end up as an independent podcast down the road and Chris B On The Web may end up disappearing all together. Which means even these blogs will disappear too? I do not know but if I cannot be allowed to re use the domain under a different provider then this plan will move forward and Chris B On The Web will be dismantled all together and like I said before, the podcast goes independent. What about my social media handles? I plan on still using Twitter and Instagram with the same name just the site itself will no longer be in existence anymore which is fine and all great things must come to end and I just hope all of this will work out eventually. I got a timeline to when to make that decision down the road too.


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