Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year In Review!

               As this is the last blog of 2018, it is time to do an year in review blog post as I normally do at the end of each year and I think, this is the second one I have done, maybe the 3rd one but it is hard to remember as I am now almost at my 500th blog post already which is crazy to think within the last 4 years of this blog being around for the last 4 amazing years. All I can say in the last month or so this blog has blown the heck up! I am overwhelmed with the amount of views it gets. Now it gets between 15  and higher in the way of views and sometimes it reaches near 30 a post! Like WTF! So incredible! Ever since Big Brother Canada 6 this year, Everything About Reality TV has blown the heck up, same with The CBOTW Show as it is home to Music City CMT Recaps now and also Power Rangers Podcasts have blown up now too! I guess it was just time when this would blow the heck up. I can say this year has been an explosive year for me growing as a podcaster and blogger and I am proud of myself.  What do I mean by this? I kept my head held high especially when shit hit the fence with the web builder provider and the recent problems with the domain which you all know about now, I stood up for CBOTW and not let people run me over and I persevered over all the problems that has arose over the past year. Yes there is still a bunch of stuff to fix, like lining up guests for Big Brother Canada 7 especially this upcoming year, fixing the .com which I will update you guys when I have an update to give you guys. Also the enormous amount of followers I lost towards the end of this year but I think that has to do with the Twitter purge that went on so that wasn't my fault. Also the fact I had plans to go live now I am planning to do something else about that which you will know by Sunday. Also Trying to get more interviews for my website is one of my biggest goals but again there is still work to do, but in time I will get things all worked out and by Sunday I will do a formal announcement what the plan is.

              This year has been hard for me in the way of friendships going on me but I have gained a bunch of new friends this year and I have gotten myself more open to even volunteering and getting involved in the community which I plan on continuing that in 2019 as well. I will make sure to get involved again and YES Justin aka JUSTINA! LOL, I will be back at the Theater in the fall to help out with the building of Sets! Like I said in one of my posts last months, friendships come, friendships go but the ones that are in your life are your friend no matter what happens. So there was ups and downs but a lot of up's of 2018 especially with the growth of my content and I am sure this is only the beginning as 2019 promises to be another amazing year for me!

Happy New Year!


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