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Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year In Review!

               As this is the last blog of 2018, it is time to do an year in review blog post as I normally do at the end of each year and I think, this is the second one I have done, maybe the 3rd one but it is hard to remember as I am now almost at my 500th blog post already which is crazy to think within the last 4 years of this blog being around for the last 4 amazing years. All I can say in the last month or so this blog has blown the heck up! I am overwhelmed with the amount of views it gets. Now it gets between 15  and higher in the way of views and sometimes it reaches near 30 a post! Like WTF! So incredible! Ever since Big Brother Canada 6 this year, Everything About Reality TV has blown the heck up, same with The CBOTW Show as it is home to Music City CMT Recaps now and also Power Rangers Podcasts have blown up now too! I guess it was just time when this would blow the heck up. I can say this year has been an explosive year for me growing as a podcaster and blogger and I am proud of myself.  What do I mean by this? I kept my head held high especially when shit hit the fence with the web builder provider and the recent problems with the domain which you all know about now, I stood up for CBOTW and not let people run me over and I persevered over all the problems that has arose over the past year. Yes there is still a bunch of stuff to fix, like lining up guests for Big Brother Canada 7 especially this upcoming year, fixing the .com which I will update you guys when I have an update to give you guys. Also the enormous amount of followers I lost towards the end of this year but I think that has to do with the Twitter purge that went on so that wasn't my fault. Also the fact I had plans to go live now I am planning to do something else about that which you will know by Sunday. Also Trying to get more interviews for my website is one of my biggest goals but again there is still work to do, but in time I will get things all worked out and by Sunday I will do a formal announcement what the plan is.

              This year has been hard for me in the way of friendships going on me but I have gained a bunch of new friends this year and I have gotten myself more open to even volunteering and getting involved in the community which I plan on continuing that in 2019 as well. I will make sure to get involved again and YES Justin aka JUSTINA! LOL, I will be back at the Theater in the fall to help out with the building of Sets! Like I said in one of my posts last months, friendships come, friendships go but the ones that are in your life are your friend no matter what happens. So there was ups and downs but a lot of up's of 2018 especially with the growth of my content and I am sure this is only the beginning as 2019 promises to be another amazing year for me!

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What Do I Do When There Is No Events To Go To?

             I have never talked about this before and I think it is time to talk about this topic at hand tonight on the blog. What topic am I talking about, well what do I do during the months I am not as active in the community taking pictures and blogging well, as you know it takes a lot of planning and writing out notes for the off season podcasts and the recaps itself, so a good portion of the time, I am working on that, on top of the 2018 Events, I am planning to attend in the entire year and which ones I wanna go to and the ones that don't really work for me and trust me I had to do a few changes as that didn't work out for me but added new things to the list but also experimenting with new events as well at this current time and I know 2019 there will be more changes made but you can look right here on and look at the schedule for an extra events that were not mentioned in the information package you get if you see me in the public and ask, I always have it but as of next year, I am again making some more changes.

              I like to add in events, I think that are good and really turn out well, like parades in particular or The Royal Winter Fair, Autism Celebration as a couple examples to give to you guys. I hope to add in the Fiesta Week into the blog by next year. Taking 2 years to decide on if I am going to be adding to it or not. Now if I get shoved around and people yelling at me for no apparent reason, then I remove it. However I am going way off track of this post tonight. On top of planning for podcasts, writing topic related blog posts, there is the podcast itself of recording the recaps during the seasons, editing and posting it up on the scheduled days. There is also collaborations which now have become quite the staple on since announcing I was going to be collaborating with Larry and also that interview with Jeff from bowling, everyone has been messaging me on social media or sending my an email saying we would like to collaborate on something with you, which is great to hear, so I need to make that push to getting the two sets of wires I need for the mixer in order to take in Skype calls so I am making the push for it this week so I can set it up to take Skype calls and push for the collabs to start very soon. Finally, maintaining and keeping the website up and running and up to date everyday to make sure the content it up to speed to what needs to be released and posted up on the website as well. So in conclusion to tonight's blog post, outside of going to the events between May & June, September - December, there is always something to do in the way of work, I do not sit around twiddling my thumbs but I ensure you, I do get time off and time to myself a lot more then I use to when I was a YouTuber from 2008 - 2016.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Everything About Reality TV (Revisions)

       I was thinking about all of this in my head and I realize it is just not going to work as I am splitting the seasons up, the Winter 2018 Season which I know it only has 8 episodes in the season but it would be way too overwhelming for you guys but also for me as well. I am splitting things up, so it is easier to understand. Hope this makes sense for you guys, but here is the changes I made which are highlighted for you guys. 

February 22nd, 2018:  7 pm EST: Amazing Race 30 Season Finale RECAP Podcast

                                      9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, 100th Episode Podcast

February 26th, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast

February 28th, 2018: Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast

March 1st, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island RECAPS Start 

May 11th, 2018: Big Brother Canada 6 Season Finale RECAP Podcast with Guest in The Studio.

May 17th or May 24th, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island Season Finale

May 18th or May 23rd to Mid June 2018: Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcasts

Mid June/Late June 2018: Big Brother US 20 RECAPS Starts (Unsure if I Will Be Covering it yet) 

July 2018: Amazing Race Canada 6 RECAPS Starts

September 2018: Survivor: 37 (If Renewed again, I'm sure it will!)


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Everything About Reality TV 2018 Plan (Revisions)

        I know at times I am not clear on my plans and recently plans for going away to Arizona did not go according to plans to medical procedure with my mom, nothing bad just day surgery that's all. Anyways I have made a revised version of the Everything About Reality TV timetable for the 2018 year and here it is:

January 3rd, 2018: Amazing Race 30 Preview Podcast

January 4th, 2018: Amazing Race 30 RECAPS Start

February 21st, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island Preview Podcast

February 22nd, 2018: Everything About Reality TV, 100th Episode

February 23rd, 2018: Amazing Race 30 Season Finale RECAP Podcast

February 28th, 2018: Big Brother Canada 6 Preview Podcast

March 1st, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island RECAPS Start 

May 11th, 2018: Big Brother Canada 6 Season Finale RECAP Podcast with Guest in The Studio.

May 17th or May 24th, 2018: Survivor: Ghost Island Season Finale

May 18th or May 23rd to Mid June 2018: Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcasts

Mid June/Late June 2018: Big Brother US 20 RECAPS Starts (Unsure if I Will Be Covering it yet) 

July 2018: Amazing Race Canada 6 RECAPS Starts

September 2018: Survivor: 37 (If Renewed again, I'm sure it will!)

          There is the revisions I made and it will indeed be an interesting year for Everything About Reality TV and it will be a fun filled year for the podcast as it reach's it's 2nd year of RECAPS on Audio ONLY and plenty more Podcasts to come in the nearby future on Audio ONLY platforms.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I Am Feeling Ready To Date Again!

         So recently, I actually felt like, I am ready to get back into the dating game once again, thinking about when the last time I dated and it's been about a 5 years since my real seriously relationship not including my ex cheating on me and it's been a long anticipated wait and yes I have been looking for a girlfriend and tried on a dating site to see if I get any girls interested and nothing yet, but will be trying hopefully. That is a goal for me in 2018 and I can be honest, I am ready to settle down and trust me I've had girls waving at me, shouting at me, it's good girls are interested in me and I am not surprised whatsoever.

          I should of not taken that break from dating for this long but again, my one ex in 2015 OR 2016 cheated on me so I guess that was a move I wanted to make by taking a small well bigger break from dating. Of course I blew one chance I had with a girl. So at this point I would like to finally settle down, find a girlfriend and never know this could lead into getting married but let's not getting that .far yet. I need to take it slow as I do or would like to start my own family one day but I am still fairly young still and I can in time make this happen in the near future. 

           I do have great qualities as a guy, looks, not so much but I mean I can and am quite Mr romantic and give flowers or chocolate, or go for a romantic dinner which I have done it before, Casey's and of course I remember my 1 year anniversary I was at East Side Mario's for a dinner and nothing says anniversary like a romantic Italian dinner. However to date online again, that is a big no, no, as I am not planning nor planning on ever doing online dating as it was a disaster after breaking up with my ex's so I am being smart this time around. I didn't mention any names, I just put ex's in as I am talking about my relationship in the past in general, not anything specifically. I am ready this year to get back into dating even if it takes a few months, I will do whatever it takes to be in a relationship once again.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

               First of all I gotta say Happy New Year! 2018 is finally here, which means the plans I mentioned at the end of the year are now in full swing for 2018 and I cannot wait to each and every plan for this year! It will be a busy and hectic year ahead for Chris B On The Web and let the collaborations and interviews commence! 3 collabs for this year alone and 1 interview with a friend from Special Olympics will be popping by early summer for an interview and possibly a random collaboration podcast with me. Also like I said 2 collabs with Larry, 2 off season podcasts, one in June and one in December. Also Everything About Reality TV's 100th episode which has been anticipating for months on end as I prepare for the big day which is soon to come very, very soon!

                Next I am also looking forward to the studio changes as well with the studio pending renovations and repairs as we are getting it fixed up and things will most definitely be different from the way it looks currently with this small and crammed space I have right now as it is hard for guests to come in and out of the space which is why I wanna actually move things around, also build myself a desk instead of buying one from Staples or Walmart, no offense to them whatsoever but I wanna make my own custom desk to my liking and this way it has enough space for guests in the studio as well. I will be bringing down my tall lamp from my room to give it more lighting in the space which will help so all of these plans are very exciting and hence I am excited for 2018 now as it is now here!

                My New Years resolution is to be more patient with people and not lose my cool with them as last year tempers went all farce but piss me off that is a different reason but I will try to be more patient and not lose my cool but it is different then people pissing me off which I am a different person. I am generally nice, as long you are nice, show me respect, I will do the same. This year I am planning on a drama free year from certain people and I am very much done with broadcasting on video platforms but I do watch 2 shows in the morning times on IVlog, whom I have watched her since the BlogTV days, one on YouTube/Periscope as well from the UK but other then that I do my own thing beyond these blogs and the podcast itself as well. I know who my true friends are and going to stick by them in the thick and thin of things. I have been looking forward to 2018 for weeks now and it is finally here to make my dreams and hopes come true! Finally hope you all are having a very Happy and Joyful New Year and I am looking forward to what 2018 brings for me and also Chris B On The Web & Also as well.