Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What Do I Do When There Is No Events To Go To?

             I have never talked about this before and I think it is time to talk about this topic at hand tonight on the blog. What topic am I talking about, well what do I do during the months I am not as active in the community taking pictures and blogging well, as you know it takes a lot of planning and writing out notes for the off season podcasts and the recaps itself, so a good portion of the time, I am working on that, on top of the 2018 Events, I am planning to attend in the entire year and which ones I wanna go to and the ones that don't really work for me and trust me I had to do a few changes as that didn't work out for me but added new things to the list but also experimenting with new events as well at this current time and I know 2019 there will be more changes made but you can look right here on and look at the schedule for an extra events that were not mentioned in the information package you get if you see me in the public and ask, I always have it but as of next year, I am again making some more changes.

              I like to add in events, I think that are good and really turn out well, like parades in particular or The Royal Winter Fair, Autism Celebration as a couple examples to give to you guys. I hope to add in the Fiesta Week into the blog by next year. Taking 2 years to decide on if I am going to be adding to it or not. Now if I get shoved around and people yelling at me for no apparent reason, then I remove it. However I am going way off track of this post tonight. On top of planning for podcasts, writing topic related blog posts, there is the podcast itself of recording the recaps during the seasons, editing and posting it up on the scheduled days. There is also collaborations which now have become quite the staple on since announcing I was going to be collaborating with Larry and also that interview with Jeff from bowling, everyone has been messaging me on social media or sending my an email saying we would like to collaborate on something with you, which is great to hear, so I need to make that push to getting the two sets of wires I need for the mixer in order to take in Skype calls so I am making the push for it this week so I can set it up to take Skype calls and push for the collabs to start very soon. Finally, maintaining and keeping the website up and running and up to date everyday to make sure the content it up to speed to what needs to be released and posted up on the website as well. So in conclusion to tonight's blog post, outside of going to the events between May & June, September - December, there is always something to do in the way of work, I do not sit around twiddling my thumbs but I ensure you, I do get time off and time to myself a lot more then I use to when I was a YouTuber from 2008 - 2016.


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