Thursday, February 8, 2018

Prospect's Grill @ Tribute Community Center REVIEW

              Yesterday, I got to go to an Ontario Hockey League game for those who don't know, I live in a city which has one and I will not reveal the city as I do not want to end up doxed but I got to also go out for dinner with my friends before the hockey game happened and I will not talk about the game in this blog, nor ever talk about the game from last night as I am embarrassed and plus I wanted to go at it with a fan. 

               Anyways,  I went for dinner before the game, like I said and I ordered a Beef Hamburger, I could of gotten Chicken Burger if I wished but I rather have gotten my normal beef burger. It had lettuce, onions and pickles on it, along with the condiments mustard and ketchup. The burger was so juicy, the bun was so fresh and it fell apart which means it was a fresh bun. The cook on the burger was perfect not burnt, just as I like it Medium rare. I know I sound like Gordon Ramsey don't I? ha-ha! Now lets move on to the next part, the french fries and trust me they had enough of them but I managed to eat everything on my plate last night. The fries were cooked nicely, they actually had the skin on them, which is what I love is the skin action on the fries, now I don't mind it without the skin but I will eat them with the skin on, it seals in the flavor of the fry. Now add it with ketchup or vinegar and it is awesome! Price wise, it is very reasonable prices, especially if you ordered what I did I paid about $18.60 for my meal which is reasonable. Also I got free refills on my cold beverages too which I took advantage and I got a re-fill on my drink. 

              Trust me I was full by the end of the dinner and felt very satisfying to have a full stomach but I really enjoyed eating at the Prospects Grill and I will rate it 5 out of 5 stars and in the end I would go back to the Prospects Grill for another meal and never know I may try something else different and see how it tastes, but all I know they will see me again in the near future, next time I'm at a Gens game with my friends or with my family members, I'll be back for sure!


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