Sunday, February 11, 2018

My Favorite The Entertainment Man Talk Show Episodes!

           I think it is time to talk about my favorite episodes on The Entertainment Man Talk Show and trust me I have a lot of memorable episodes doing the show but there are episodes that I would like to highlight in today's blog post today. Now it has been over a year and a half since the announcement of the series ending abruptly and Season 5 & 6 were lost, hence it's called a lost episode for a reason. Mind you, there is no particular of this list but it gives you an idea of the favorite episodes I actually recorded. 

            The first episode I would like to mention in this blog post is the York-Durham Railway episode which now is a lost episode, but I admit it, I had fun doing the episode and it was quite different and actually did very well in the viewer department. Now if the videos remained up, it would of been the series finale as there was no new seasons that came out after that season as you know it went through a lot of questioning whether it would continue on or not, which it didn't, I made that decision to end the series as the ideas were not too solid at the time and it was time to move on.

               The next episode  that is on my list is the 50th episode, I know I have some behind the scenes of me yelling at my staff, it was pure frustration and stress planning a big event, but I've changed the way things are done. Overall the episode was a lot of fun, being in front of my friends and Staff and to celebrate it's 50th episode.

              The 3rd pick I made was EP # 44 or 45 or somewhere around there where the lawn mower wouldn't start and I started cursing at it and I wouldn't be surprised if it got demonetized after I couldn't access the channel anymore.

                Another pick, I have made, is going to the Hall of 1873 and having the honor of filming there with my team, well I was on my own, my dad had to do most of the filming and plus we were limited on time and more then likely unable to re-schedule with the theater. 

                The start of the cooking episodes is another moment, I will never forget and I learned a ton about cooking. I made the shish kebabs, chicken on a wrap, baked cookies and much more in the season later.

                So there is a lot of episodes, I probably forgotten but these are only a a few that are on my list, if you followed me since those days, I recorded 76 episodes of the series and there are so many episodes that were memorable, honorable mention the St. Patties Day episode, the April Fools Day episode, playing cards, softball talk and many more. I hope you enjoyed this blog post as I enjoyed writing this blog post for you guys.

Have a great night!


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