Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I Am Feeling Ready To Date Again!

         So recently, I actually felt like, I am ready to get back into the dating game once again, thinking about when the last time I dated and it's been about a 5 years since my real seriously relationship not including my ex cheating on me and it's been a long anticipated wait and yes I have been looking for a girlfriend and tried on a dating site to see if I get any girls interested and nothing yet, but will be trying hopefully. That is a goal for me in 2018 and I can be honest, I am ready to settle down and trust me I've had girls waving at me, shouting at me, it's good girls are interested in me and I am not surprised whatsoever.

          I should of not taken that break from dating for this long but again, my one ex in 2015 OR 2016 cheated on me so I guess that was a move I wanted to make by taking a small well bigger break from dating. Of course I blew one chance I had with a girl. So at this point I would like to finally settle down, find a girlfriend and never know this could lead into getting married but let's not getting that .far yet. I need to take it slow as I do or would like to start my own family one day but I am still fairly young still and I can in time make this happen in the near future. 

           I do have great qualities as a guy, looks, not so much but I mean I can and am quite Mr romantic and give flowers or chocolate, or go for a romantic dinner which I have done it before, Casey's and of course I remember my 1 year anniversary I was at East Side Mario's for a dinner and nothing says anniversary like a romantic Italian dinner. However to date online again, that is a big no, no, as I am not planning nor planning on ever doing online dating as it was a disaster after breaking up with my ex's so I am being smart this time around. I didn't mention any names, I just put ex's in as I am talking about my relationship in the past in general, not anything specifically. I am ready this year to get back into dating even if it takes a few months, I will do whatever it takes to be in a relationship once again.


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