Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! 2019 Is Here!

                   First of all, I can say this finally, HAPPY New Year! I am for one happy it is a new year with new beginnings. This year is going to be amazing! I know, I know I said that before but this year is also going to be an amazing as you all know this week Music City returns on CMT which means The CBOTW Show is going to be active again at the end of this week! Power Rangers Turbo Podcast goes up this week as well and on Sunday an Everything About Reality TV is going to be posting up an "Off Season" Podcast so it will be an amazing start to the year for me. What an amazing way to start the year with tons of podcasting content. This year I will be testing the waters with Celebrity Big Brother US Season 2 which mind you, I am a bit nervous as people understood and told me to not cover it but new year NEW beginnings for me and also CBOTW, 

                I am looking forward to this year, because of many things this year: The CBOTW Show becoming active as a podcast again, Everything About Reality TV is entering it's 10th season in March which is very super exciting and I cannot wait to reach that plateau of 10 amazing seasons within the podcast. This year will see the start of The CBOTW Show will be active and I have spoken to Steven, I have green lit the plan in the spring to start recapping Married With Children! Yes! an classic 80's TV show over the course of the spring into the summer and early fall. I really hope Hell's Kitchen comes back as I already have a guest lined up for Hell's Kitchen Recap.

               This is a new leaf for me as I am going to be on the weigh loss to get my weight lower then 200 pounds but mind you I am 23 pounds from getting to 200 pounds. I really want to aim to lose what is left of my weight loss this way even the pain in my knees will go which has been a major factor in my problem with my knees. Starting tomorrow I am on my strict diet and I know I can do it and that I can lose this weight. My first goal in 220 pounds. I plan on taking it one step at a time with small goals and I am not giving myself any timeline to when I want to lose it by, I just do not want to lose all the weight at once, I want to lose it slowly as it is not healthy to lose it too fast but I am going to do weekly blog post updates on Saturdays to how things are going and how the progress. Again I wish you guys a very Happy New Year and wish you nothing but the best in 2019 and to have an amazing year ahead of you!


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