Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Events I Will Be Attending This Year...

              Today's Post I will outline what events I am planning to attend this year and ones that could be on the list but it is up in the year. At this time I do got a couple of events on the possibility list which is still up in the air but hoping it can happen. This year is going to be a year of change as there are events I just wasn't happy with and questioning if to do it again this year and change is good. Here is the list of events I am going to that I am confirming for 2019 and can change down the road:

- May 4th, 2019: Bowmanville Maple Fest 2019

- June 14th, 2019: Bowmanville Food Truck Friday

- July 1st, 2019: Canada Day Celebrations

- August 2019: Oshawa Rib Fest (New This Year)

- September 14th, 2019:  Toronto Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2019

- October 12th, 2019: Bowmanville Apple Fest 2019

- November 2019 (Date TBA): The 97th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

- December 4th, 2019: Tyrone Parade of Lights 2019

- December 2019 (Date TBA): Port Perry Santa Claus Parade

                      You will notice I did not list Autism Celebration for this year but I haven't decided if I will attend this year or not due to not overly a good turn out and I just do not know right now if I am wanting to attend this year but if I do decide, you guys are the first to know of me attending the event obviously. Also on the list is one of the 2 Italian Festivals but the date both my dad and I gotta look up and find out so I will let you know if this list will be updated but there is so much I can do in a year but we hope to attend the Italian Festival. Don't forget this is just the start of 2019 and I can add anything to the list at anytime. 


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