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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ukrainian and Polish Festival 2019!

          Obviously there was no blog but I had no time when I woke up to write something small and when I got home I was so tired, I cleaned up and was in bed pretty fast and up bright and early this morning. Anyways this morning I want to talk about the Ukrainian and Polish Festival. I want to start off with the Ukrainian Festival which we went to after the disaster of transit issues which I will talk about on a separate post tomorrow which is a post on itself technically. Anyways we got there safely and we actually did make it a little later then we wanted technically but we did miss the parade this year which was definitely a disappointment however we saw a preview of some of the entertainment that we were going to see and we did see some entertainment on the other side of the event over at Runnymede Street in Toronto. Anyways there was tons of options for food, there was rides there for the kids, they had hats from all the different countries including Ukraine, Poland and so forth. Now food wise we had the 8 Perogi, I had the cheddar and potato and my dad had the Cottage Cheese and Potato. However next year I want to split things so this way I can try the other one. The perogies were good, super soft, delicious and the onions very nicely caramelized. However 2 issues with the Perogi Pavilion. First issue they forgot my water we had to remind them and the second part was they forgot the sour cream which we paid for so I was not pleased and I think next year we will go elsewhere for our food and I wasn't pleased with the mistakes made.

 Now we traveled onto the Polish Festival and we actually were back on schedule which again I will talk about it tomorrow on the blog post about the mishap with the transit system as I said it is for a separate post tomorrow. So we got there and we walked down Roncesvalle which both Ukrainian and Polish were busy and I am happy to see quite the crowd and it is definitely getting busier each and every year that we are there. Always nice to see people indulging in the multi culture of the city of Toronto. So we walked around and we saw the donut place that we had dessert the one year yet we forgot to stop and get one again this year but always next year we will. I wanna have at least one dessert when it comes towards these festivals. We saw one stage with some Polka music playing and yes I almost wanted to dance but I didn't. Think I was in a bit of pain with my knee but the first real pain I've had in a while. Anyways we saw some more musicians under a tent followed by some dancing at the main stage. After that we had a beer at the beer tent which was a Polish Beer and my very first one ever. It was very smooth and it did leave an after taste but still good in the end. We continued to walk all the way down Roncesvalle to almost the end of the festival and headed back up. Finally we grabbed the first part of dinner which we split a Potato Pancake also known as Latke. We continued up further and we grabbed polish sausage on a bun which the bun was massive and funny fact that is the same place as last year so kind of funny in a way but worth it and we will be back in the very nearby future again as I took a picture of it to remind me where we were for the food. Overall the two festivals were really good minus those two issues at the Perogi Pavilion at the Ukrainian but overall still a fun filled day.



Sunday, February 24, 2019

Made Some Decisions With Events..

            I just completed the events list for this year and I had to take out 2 events for this year as I felt like it wasn't a fit for this year. Trust me the decision isn't  easy to make whatsoever but it had to be done and I know some people will not be happy but I am doing what is best for me and Chris B On The Web at this point. Here are the 2 events, I pulled out of for this year:

  • Peony Festival (Locally Here In My Hometown)- Since it lands on Father's Day this year, it will not be a fit into the schedule as I wanna spend time with my dad and is more important, however we could slip it in but I really rather spend time with my dad, as it is more important. Honestly my dad is getting older and I wanna spend as much time with him as possible and there is plenty of other events out there throughout this year to go to.
  • Autism Celebration (Also Locally Here)- Last year I felt like there wasn't a great turnout and I just had a really hard time deciding but I have decided to move on from this event. Don't get me wrong, I loved going to the event each and every year but I wasn't too pleased with the turnout. Now if Kerry's Place emails me about it then I could possibly go but right now there is no plans to go to the event this year but like I said if there is high request for me to return, I can put it on the schedule but I need to hear it from you guys first. 

            That is the two events I am not going to as I said this was really hard decision to make in the way of events that will not work for me this year. I do not like making decisions like this but again I need to do what is best for me and CBOTW.  I am being honest how I really feel on this. Sometimes it is best to just move on and I think that is what I need to do. What is the plan for the future? I am already ahead of my schedule by printing off 25 copies and putting it into a package to hand out publicly eye, especially people start chatting with me as well, this is a great way to get it out there is by the word of mouth. I wanna have 2 different ways of promoting CBOTW and the two ways is by going 1) to events locally and in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and 2) by promoting it out in the public eye. I am taking a different direction this year and hopefully this will indeed help me in the long run of getting known but I think I have gotten well known this year. You never know, people could recognize me in the public and end up chatting with you guys. If you see me publicly here in Ontario, do not be afraid to say hi. As for the events, I am happy with the decision  I think the lineup I have which you will find out on Tuesday's blog post to what is the final decision on the events.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Events I Will Be Attending This Year...

              Today's Post I will outline what events I am planning to attend this year and ones that could be on the list but it is up in the year. At this time I do got a couple of events on the possibility list which is still up in the air but hoping it can happen. This year is going to be a year of change as there are events I just wasn't happy with and questioning if to do it again this year and change is good. Here is the list of events I am going to that I am confirming for 2019 and can change down the road:

- May 4th, 2019: Bowmanville Maple Fest 2019

- June 14th, 2019: Bowmanville Food Truck Friday

- July 1st, 2019: Canada Day Celebrations

- August 2019: Oshawa Rib Fest (New This Year)

- September 14th, 2019:  Toronto Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2019

- October 12th, 2019: Bowmanville Apple Fest 2019

- November 2019 (Date TBA): The 97th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

- December 4th, 2019: Tyrone Parade of Lights 2019

- December 2019 (Date TBA): Port Perry Santa Claus Parade

                      You will notice I did not list Autism Celebration for this year but I haven't decided if I will attend this year or not due to not overly a good turn out and I just do not know right now if I am wanting to attend this year but if I do decide, you guys are the first to know of me attending the event obviously. Also on the list is one of the 2 Italian Festivals but the date both my dad and I gotta look up and find out so I will let you know if this list will be updated but there is so much I can do in a year but we hope to attend the Italian Festival. Don't forget this is just the start of 2019 and I can add anything to the list at anytime.