Sunday, February 24, 2019

Made Some Decisions With Events..

            I just completed the events list for this year and I had to take out 2 events for this year as I felt like it wasn't a fit for this year. Trust me the decision isn't  easy to make whatsoever but it had to be done and I know some people will not be happy but I am doing what is best for me and Chris B On The Web at this point. Here are the 2 events, I pulled out of for this year:

  • Peony Festival (Locally Here In My Hometown)- Since it lands on Father's Day this year, it will not be a fit into the schedule as I wanna spend time with my dad and is more important, however we could slip it in but I really rather spend time with my dad, as it is more important. Honestly my dad is getting older and I wanna spend as much time with him as possible and there is plenty of other events out there throughout this year to go to.
  • Autism Celebration (Also Locally Here)- Last year I felt like there wasn't a great turnout and I just had a really hard time deciding but I have decided to move on from this event. Don't get me wrong, I loved going to the event each and every year but I wasn't too pleased with the turnout. Now if Kerry's Place emails me about it then I could possibly go but right now there is no plans to go to the event this year but like I said if there is high request for me to return, I can put it on the schedule but I need to hear it from you guys first. 

            That is the two events I am not going to as I said this was really hard decision to make in the way of events that will not work for me this year. I do not like making decisions like this but again I need to do what is best for me and CBOTW.  I am being honest how I really feel on this. Sometimes it is best to just move on and I think that is what I need to do. What is the plan for the future? I am already ahead of my schedule by printing off 25 copies and putting it into a package to hand out publicly eye, especially people start chatting with me as well, this is a great way to get it out there is by the word of mouth. I wanna have 2 different ways of promoting CBOTW and the two ways is by going 1) to events locally and in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and 2) by promoting it out in the public eye. I am taking a different direction this year and hopefully this will indeed help me in the long run of getting known but I think I have gotten well known this year. You never know, people could recognize me in the public and end up chatting with you guys. If you see me publicly here in Ontario, do not be afraid to say hi. As for the events, I am happy with the decision  I think the lineup I have which you will find out on Tuesday's blog post to what is the final decision on the events.


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