Saturday, February 23, 2019

Trying A Star Wars Mod For Minecraft!

            While spending time with my niece and nephew we discovered  mod for Minecraft called Tatooine. Now what is Tatooine? It is  a planet where Luke Skywalker and also Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars movies. Now mind you I just started this world and there is so much more to discover but it is cool as I found green and blue crystals to make  a light saber. I haven't gotten this far and I need to start building a home for myself, get a sustainable food source in the game in order to go under the ground and get the items I need to make a lightsaber and a proper pick axe.  Pretty much I am back to the basics right now. I really wouldn't know what the different kinds of ores and stuff I would find underground but I suspect it is indeed the same, maybe some different ores too but I will find out when I decide to start digging down. I do not plan on making a overly big mansion as I do not know how long I am going to play this game as I am planning a different kind of world down the road as well.

          The difference in this world there are sheep that are a very odd color but still have the usual bah from them and there is normal sheep for building a bed too which is cool. There is this creature I fought and it wasn't as easy as I thought as I died but came back and killed it. The zombies were neat as they sound like the Tuskin Raiders from the movie itself. I haven't ran into or seen creepers or skelton's yet so I cannot tell you what they look like. Also there are just random people like villager like people just walking around the entire world which is cool. Yes I mentioned green and blue crystals which can be found basically on the ground anywhere in the world and like I said it is used for lightsabers.  Either way or, I am excited to play this mini mod to get into playing modded minecraft a  bit but this is only temporary as I am getting ready to do a  modded world with a space age mod which will indeed take some time to get prepared for space but least I got a world to play for now but I do not think it will be a long playthrough of this mod as I am not sure what I can outside of what I know but I know in time I will figure it out but the long game, I am planning on the space mod but this is just the start for me.


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