Friday, February 22, 2019

What Shows Am I Binge Watching Right Now?

            You probably didn't know this much but right now I am binge watching Malcolm in the Middle. Right now I am currently in the 5th season out of 7 seasons. I will be going between that and Power Rangers In Space which needs to be done as well. I wanna start Malcolm In The Middle, I haven't watched this show since it went off the air in 2006 which is like almost 12 years ago since the show went off the air. I love this show as it is just a dysfunctional family during each and every episode. I have had my comments at Lois while watching the show. I remember this show during my high school years, I watched it on top of the Simpsons and King of The Hill as well.  I find it hard to not laugh at moment's during the show.  Since starting to watch the show I have remembered a bunch of the episodes but again remember it has been a very long time since I have watched the show but it is nice to get back into this show again and it gives me something to do on my spare time between all this work I have put into CBOTW.

             Also between Malcolm The Middle, I am going to start watching Power Rangers In Space as the collaboration podcast will have to come back so I am going to be preparing before Big Brother Canada  Even during Big Brother Canada when the feeds are down I will most definitely watch episodes in order to get it done. So I will be able to get it done between the feeds being down. So I will be going between the two shows and if I finish Malcolm In The Middle which I am now half way through the season now, I have Power Rangers In Space to work on. After Power Rangers In Space, I do plan on starting Lost Galaxy and preparing for the next phase of things. One way or another there is always something to watch one way or another and I am always continue to be very busy person no matter what is thrown in front of me and that is fine with me.


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