Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Day I Took On The Ender Dragon (Throwback Thursday Story)

            2 years ago after a very long time coming in trying to beat the ender dragon and I did the unthinkable and actually beat it. How did I manage to beat it? I will tell the story how this all went down. So this was after I walked away from Twitch, I finished up the spawner which was already underway when my regulars want to start trouble but I managed to finish up the spawner which I needed the levels in order to get good armor but a good friend @stephan889 on Twitter told me I didn't need too overly strong armor but I still had diamond armor that had high level armor which now can be found in the storage facility in the world which is behind glass now. However I needed to find the portal which was a tough task at hand and yes I used the ender pearls or eyes of the ender. However I decided to go out digging and I came across a cave out of nowhere. I look up to find a library, a random library. So i dug up a stairwell to go up, I took all the books obviously. So I started to look around to finally found the portal. So obviously I traveled back to the house, the manor which is still in existence just had some renovations done to the house. So I went back to start killing the Endermen in the game to get pearls from them in order to get eye of the ender. Also I realized I needed to go to the Nether to get the blaze rods that makes blaze powder so all the baby steps to get to the end. I got the eye of the ender to put in the portal. I believe 14 of them to be exact. I place it in and I went into the game to see what was was I was of the end of the ground as I fell out of the world, so I went back and built a stairwell to go up. 

           When I had the right gear, weapons, tools to beating the ender dragon, I went into the end and I was on my way. I had to hit the towers first obviously. Once I did that I was able to attack the Ender Dragon which took a very long time ducking away from the endermen that were creeping around. I got down to the final seconds and I took a shot at the dragon but it came at me and I either shot an arrow or struck it down with the sword. I can remember hearing the crackling sound from it and the amount of XP I was getting from the destruction of the Ender Dragon. Yes I defeated it first try and I was quite excited and you can imagine the Let's Go's that came out of my mouth. After I made a  monument in the storage facility as I said before with a stand for the gear I wore in the way of armor and almost made a frame for the sword and Bow. Also thanks to Dark, he helped me create that stand and the flag colors of CBOTW. I sometimes go back into the old world and reminisce on the memories I have created but I am now more committed to other games right nowbut I am proud I not only beat the Ender Dragon but Dark and I beat the Wither so we beat everything in Vanilla Minecraft and maybe one day I'll do a modded Minecraft. 


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