Monday, February 25, 2019

The Last Few Months On YouTube Were Tough!

               I probably hid this for the last couple of years since my departure of YouTube but I am ready to spill some tea on the truth of the final 6 months on the YouTube platform. In January is when one of my members of staff and yes I am keeping their name out of this as it is now in the past and they were forgiven. That was just the start of problems as I brought on someone new who I have had known for years well I ended up letting them go. I also brought on a former staff member back which completely backfired which they promised me to help me. I think you guys knew that part already. Not just my staff was the only issue but with no camera person, The Entertainment Man Talk Show was in complete limbo and I made the decision after a lengthy hiatus after Season 6, to actually cancel the show all together which put the channel into limbo as well. Mind you I had Season 7 planned out but that was scrapped once the cancellation was official. Also Everything About Reality TV was already active as a podcast on YouTube and doing quite fine in the way of views but not as good as it's doing right now on Audio ONLY in this current day. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do the podcast on my own but still did well. As I headed into June the ideas, the ideas weren't there. I vlogged a bit between the podcast but it wasn't working out well for me. 

               To be honest, the last couple of months of being on the platform on my own without much help, well Justin was still there helping as much as he can but he knew I was struggling and honestly the views for CBOTW were down. I knew the channel was starting to die down. That was another reason I started to doubt the channel had a future. Honestly the only thing I had was the podcast. What I could of done was separated the podcast on it's own channel and I am sure people would of followed me as I could of done side videos on the main channel as the podcast wasn't the right fit on the main channel honestly. But I know in the end, I made the right decision to go Audio ONLY with the way things are now with the YouTube platform, it was probably for the best to walk away from the platform. I listened to my gut on this and if people do not like my decisions then that's fine. In the end I need to do what is best for me in the long run. It wasn't an easy last 6 months but I managed to get through it into the transition period in the summer of 2016.


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