Monday, February 25, 2019

Changes In Everything About Reality TV Podcast's Schedule

                 I honestly made a mishap in the podcast schedule for my podcast "Everything About Reality TV." Why what mishap did I make? Well I meant to put a certain day where I have 3 podcasts 3 days in a row. I think I had it on Wednesday's, Thursday's & Friday's but I have made some differences to it as I want it to be at least 3 or 4 days to cover. Here is what the new timetable will look like:

Tuesday's (Starting March 12th, 2019): Big Brother Canada 7 RECAP (Covering Friday through Monday in the house, including the Monday episode) @ 8 pm EST.

Thursday's (Active): Survivor: Edge of Extinction RECAP @ 8 pm EST

Friday's (Starting March 8th, 2019): Big Brother Canada 7 RECAP (Covering Tuesday through Thursday, including the Wednesday & Thursday's Episodes)

                   There is the schedule, it doesn't seem much but it's more the prep of listening into the live feeds and what is going on the Big Brother Feeds. This year is a little different as I have added on the second Big Brother Podcast as you guys liked the multiple podcast so that is why I added it to this season's schedule and honestly I think you guys really liked the schedule we had last season and it seems to work. I am honestly working on a different Reality TV Show down the road but that is for later to announce if they renew the show for another season. Right now I am focus on the 10th season right now and that is what is the most important thing at this moment. Two big things have happened or to happen very soon. 1) The 10th season which is already well underway now.  The second thing is the 200th episode which is rarely talked about as I am again not planning anything for it but I will mention it is the 200th, right now at this current time the podcast is at the 175th episode. I have been sitting on this information of a second podcast for the last 3 months as in December I started to plan it all out in my head and it wasn't clear till I wrote it on paper but yes I tweaked it a few times but finally got a schedule. One final thoughts on the final tweaked schedule is I am happy with the way it looks now, I am happy it is all done and the schedule here on the website is fully updated. 


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