Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Events Chris B On The Web Will Be Attending This Year (Updated Schedule)

             I finally finalized the events schedule as I have been stressing about this for the past 2.5 months as I mentioned in previous blog, several blogs ago I think back on the weekend. Anyways the list is finished and again I can say I can add in things as the year goes but right now I am quite happy with the events right now. Anyways here is the list of events I will be attending this year:

March 2018:

(Date TBA, Keep an eye to social media for details): The Maple Festival, Purple Woods Conservation Area
May 2018:

Saturday, May 4th, 2019: Maple Festival, Bowmanville

June 2018: 

Friday, June 14th, 2019: Food Truck Festival

July 2018:

Monday, Jul 1st, 2019: Canada Day Celebrations (either Bowmanville or Port Perry)

September 2018:

September 14th, 2019: Ukrainian/Polish Festival, Toronto Ontario

October 2018:

Saturday, October 19th, 2019: Apple Festival, Bowmanville

November 2018:

November 1st, - November 10th, 2019 (Date TBA, Keep an eye to social media for details): The Royal Winter Fair 2019

December 2018:

December 1st, 2019: Port Perry Santa Claus Parade

December 4th, 2019: Tyrone Parade of Lights

              There is the timetable and there is a lot more similar events but they seem to work now. I know a lot of the events I went to changed around but like I said, there is reasons why I stopped going to them but I want to focus on now not the past. I have one other event that is on stand by and that event is the Italian Festival and my dad mentioned there is more then one Italian Festival but have to figure when the second one is but I will eventually I am sure.


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