Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I Ended Up Minecraft Rage Quitting... Again...

            I know, I know, it is insane how many times I have quit Minecraft but this time around I think I am done for a very long time. I just got stuck too many times and I am on a break from the game and not sure when the next time I will pick it up and play, but if I did do it, probably do a modded world but with someone that wants to play with me. I had someone that wanted to play a modded Minecraft but that never went through as they got busy. For right now I am taking a lengthy hiatus from the game to focus on other type of games I have to finish first before I start anything else new. So yeah I did rage quit again but I think this is for a very long time I will not play it. Honestly there is technically stuff I do not understand in the game honestly that I would need help with. Honestly I rather not play by myself with a future Minecraft playthrough, I rather play with someone else then by myself, like someone that knows some of the technical side of things with the game.

             My original plans after leaving Twitch in 2016 the first time around, was to do a tekkit, not go to space, just a Tekkit mod with the quarry where it digs out all the ore, diamonds, redstone, Lapis, Gold & Iron. This is why I want to do it with someone else but nobody seems interested so right now this is why I am taking a lengthy hiatus from the video game right now and no exact plans to get going on this but maybe in the very nearby future I will do it. What am I currently playing right now? Well The Messenger, The Binding of Isaac, Bomber Crew, Spelunky and many more on the list and I honestly rather focus on these and get those completed first. I do admit it was fun to build things but some things I seem to have a struggle with getting things working. I am not good in that department but I can figure it in time but not always. For right now I am done with Minecraft at this point and doing other video games at this time. I think it is best I just do other video games right now and also focus on the podcasts, blog posts and Chris B On The Web.


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