Thursday, February 28, 2019

Starting To Panic.... [Almost Double Booked Myself Again]

               I am starting to officially panic. I think it is that I am feeling the pressure to get bunch of things done in the way of the podcast. Today is going to be a hectic day for me. I was out and about running my end of the month/start of the new month errands to ensure I have everything done as Saturday I am out of town for the day which I cannot say where I am headed but there will be pictures. Anyways back to today, I was going to also go see my grandma as I am feeling a ton better but still occasional coughs. So working on all of this today was the most stressful thing in the world but slowly getting things slowly on the move. I almost got what I have planned done for today. I am planning to finish this blog post off and just take the rest of the night off and start fresh in the morning. I was going to see my grandma after visiting with Dave but I realized I needed to get all of this work done. I almost wasn't sure I was going to have time to write this post but it is not as long as usual but least you guys are getting a post. 

               I finally learned it is not good to double book myself as before I was guilty of always double booking myself. This is why I write the appointments and any meet up with friends or staff/my former staff so I know I am busy that day and this week I am indeed having a busy week this week and again I cannot talk about where I am going. However it is essential that I am keeping things on a timely schedule. I wanna make a goal that this year I would like to not double book myself and make sure that I am staying on a straight schedule and not double booking myself. I am glad I noticed that I was almost going to double book myself but in the end it all worked out. 

               As the panic part of things, I had a bit of a meltdown as I felt overwhelmed today, just so much going on in my head today. It wasn't a good day. I had the podcast to do and before I could start that, I had to watch the episode then record not long after so kind of why things are backwards right now as this blog post is coming out later then usual but I think it all worked out very well as there some things on my mind right now with so much going on in such a short time. I would like to have the preview podcast up by tomorrow and I got the entire morning to finish up the notes which I am now more then half way done i will not take long to finish and tonight before bed I am going to write tomorrow's post as I will have a busy morning ahead of me. However I need to stay positive and enthusiastic about tomorrow as I will have 8 + hours to work on things and get things done and up. I will give you guys the heads up if tomorrow is the day it is going up it will be either 930 - 10 pm EST but I am aiming high for the stars right now which is a good thing.


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