Thursday, January 3, 2019

I Stood Up For Myself At The End of Last Year! (Throwback Thursday Story)

               To be honest, I will not be putting down this store or saying bad things. It was mainly a bad experience not once but twice. It was where I got my laminating and photocopying done and I rather not mention the store as again, I have no hard feelings as I was a regular customer of theirs for many, many years and I was loyal to them for a very long time but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and that is what I did. What do I mean by this? I asked for some laminating to be cut as I ask them nicely to do prior and it wasn't cut which really got me mad. Unfortunately it ended with me not returning to the store and haven't been back since November of last year but went to another store of theirs in Whitby which is quite the trek from here where the studios are. I'm sure they miss my smiling face and with this being a new year I am putting me walking out behind me and I am willing to go back and forgive the mistake. I really like the staff there as they have been nothing but helpful to me over the course of many years I was a loyal customer. Plus it is a very good primary location for me and easy to access. I just do not know what the staff will say when they actually see me as I walked out on them. Kind of wished I didn't say I wouldn't be back. I guess I am not one of the # 1 customers now as I have been away this long. I just do not know if I would be welcomed back after walking out that is my only concern right now.

               But the way I dealt with it, I am proud of myself for not raising my voice and dealing with things appropriately which probably back then I would of not done that and make an idiot of myself but I am glad at the end of trying to deal with things, I decided to walk away before I say something I regret and get myself 1 kicked out or 2 get banned from the store which would really stink. Walking away was the best thing I could do but I am not sure why I am feeling guilty for walking away? I know in the back on my mind I was doing the right thing by walking away but to try the store again I am not sure if I am ready to take that next step. I want to give the store another shot but I am not ready for this next leap, not yet. I am going to listen to my heart to when it's ready and I better decide soon as I have to get flyers done once the .com back up and running on here. Either way I am proud of myself for standing up for myself.


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