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Monday, February 14, 2022

Forgot To Add One More Thing!

                   As you guys know I was talking a bit about The CBOTW Show and how not as involved I am with that podcast as I am taking a more of a "behind the scenes" role with that podcast as you guys know, I have "Entertainment Man Podcast" and "Power Rangers Podcast on The CBOTW Show." There is one other thing with Amy's Survivor Recaps that she will be doing on and off when shes not currently covering the newer seasons. I will be popping on seasons of Survivor as I have hand picked certain seasons that I wanna come on for the entire season she covers to talk about the particular season that I chose and I have 6 picked out for right now and if I wanna do others, I will. 

                  I also will be popping up during the new seasons of Survivor so you guys will be seeing me from time to time.  So I will be involved with some podcasts not all of them but my focus is on Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Podcast (within The CBOTW Show) Yeah at some point I will run out of ideas but this will be years down the road with the way things are going with the interest of interviews has made the podcast seem endless and it is a good thing not a bad thing. It makes me so excited to see people interested in the podcast to be quite honest and it is definitely here to stay for the long run. Also I can add this that I really enjoy the podcast and am having fun with the podcast and am looking forward to episosdes in the future. I wanna finally add in to this post if Entertainment Man Podcast ever ends, yes I'd consider going back to The CBOTW Show on a more full time and I'd consider doing shows but that is much much later, not right now at this moment.  Anyways that is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

We're Looking To Expand Our Team For The CBOTW Show

                  I know you guys have heard this song and dance before, but this time I am 100% sure on the decision to try this for the 3rd time now. Yes! 3rd time is a charm right? LOL. I know with the fact I have a great team behind me, yes Amy and Larry. Now this your chance to get involved with The CBOTW Show as we're now becoming a growing show and network. With Big Brother Canada 10 closing in, we are ready and able to start the audition process for two people a host and a co-host that will work great together. The podcast will be live after the episodes on Monday nights and Thursday Thursdays, so we are looking for someone that can dedicate their time to twice a week with episodes. Monday's episode will consist of the HOH, after the HOH and also nominations. Thursdays will be after nominations, POV Ceremony and the eviction. 

                Where do you sign up? You can sign up and I will make this a public post this afternoon only on Twitter and Instagram since my Facebook Group is too small to post it We are only accepting serious inquiries as before things ended not so great. There are a few guidelines we require before applying:

1) Must have a PC or laptop and internet access. 

2) Have a good internet connection as it will live

3) Must be available twice a week for recaps. 

4) Have a good web cam

5) Must have a good quality microphone.  

6) Must be 18 years old

7) Will have an opportunity to host the Big Brother US Version and should be familiar with both the US and Canadian Big Brothers.

              We are excited to grow the team further and will definitely open doors for future seasons and maybe international seasons of Big Brother Australia and Australian Survivor but my team and I look forward to reading your applications and we will be in touch with you guys for a potential Skype Interview before our final decision then followed by us accepting you on by either all 3 of the team members, 2 of us or just myself. There will be another meeting when close to go through logistics technical stuff to going live, setting up both cams for the guests, etc. Also schedule your Cast Assessment for Season 10 and go through with your streaming schedule.  Any questions please feel free to ask on social media throughmy Twitter and Instagram which can be found on the right hand side. Also there will be an opportunity  That is my post I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Do We Know When Big Brother Australia Will Air and What About The Recaps?

               Big Brother Australia what we know of as of right now is one houseguest has been announced at this point. That is all we know at this point and I follow BBAU on majority of the Socials and have not seen anything so that is why we have been very silent and been working on things behind the scenes to get Chris S ready to start his amazing Recaps. Jasmine and I are speculating if there was an March airing that they would of already released the entire cast at this point so we are speculating maybe May towards when Jasmine and I Big Brother Canada 9 Recap coverage wraps up for the season and that could be when it airs as my Senior Producer & Co-Host stated that they have released a Houseguest everyday and this season what I have heard there is 26 houseguests this season which is a lot to be honest and not sure if this is true or false as this seems to be too many in my honest opinion. However it will be interesting if this is actually true and this will be the first season I have watched of the Australian Big Brother and I excited to see what it is like as I know it is different in different areas of the game.

                So as for the Recaps, we cannot say when but we are constantly keeping an eye out on social media if we hear anything else and when Chris S get close to a Cast Assessment we will announce when we post it up for you guys and I am sure we are getting close as I said there has been movement and just excited for this brand new opportunity especially for our Audio ONLY Podcast Network and this is just the beginning as we have other big ideas coming to our network and excited to eventually tell you guys what we have planned. That is my update with Big Brother Australia as there has been questions about the Recaps and that is all we can tell you at this time and we won't address it anymore till we get closer to the season beginning. 


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Updates [02-19-2020]

             So I have some updates since about 2 days ago this was while I was putting up other content here on the website, Both Jasmine and I agreed since we couldn't find a Host for the upcoming Big Brother Canada Season 8 and also Big Brother US, Season 22, they will be indeed doing the recaps as we originally planned on doing. I will be around if they need me to replace them one week but I we will make it work on way or another. You never know you may hear my voice on the podcast from time to time as a guest. Mind you I am still one of the hosts but I am playing more of a Behind The Scenes but still covering Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Amazing Race Canada so I am still involved but just not as involved for Big Brother anymore. I think it is the most appropriate time to step back on the role of host and actually let someone else cover it. It is exciting and it will be a strange feeling to have not covering it but this our plan moving forward for the 3 of us. So here is the updated schedule:

Thursdays: 9 pm EST- Survivor Winners At War RECAP

Fridays: 9 pm EST- Big Brother Canada 8 RECAP (Starting March 6th, 2020)

            There is our schedule if we need to tweak it we will let you know but for the most part we are sticking to our normal schedule as we have it during the Big Brother seasons so we are very much happy with it. Now TAR (The Amazing Race) we do not still not know what the plan or when it will be starting but found an article speculating May we could see that which is great as I will be at the end of Survivor and Amazing Race will just be in my schedule but right now it is too early to say as we haven't even started the Big Brother Canada Season 8 season yet so we will let you know when we know but I have informed CBOTW Staff, Everything About Reality TV Staff about what I found but will keep digging around like I always do.  These are our updates and like I said once I know further will definitely make another post for you guys.