Thursday, March 18, 2021

Do We Know When Big Brother Australia Will Air and What About The Recaps?

               Big Brother Australia what we know of as of right now is one houseguest has been announced at this point. That is all we know at this point and I follow BBAU on majority of the Socials and have not seen anything so that is why we have been very silent and been working on things behind the scenes to get Chris S ready to start his amazing Recaps. Jasmine and I are speculating if there was an March airing that they would of already released the entire cast at this point so we are speculating maybe May towards when Jasmine and I Big Brother Canada 9 Recap coverage wraps up for the season and that could be when it airs as my Senior Producer & Co-Host stated that they have released a Houseguest everyday and this season what I have heard there is 26 houseguests this season which is a lot to be honest and not sure if this is true or false as this seems to be too many in my honest opinion. However it will be interesting if this is actually true and this will be the first season I have watched of the Australian Big Brother and I excited to see what it is like as I know it is different in different areas of the game.

                So as for the Recaps, we cannot say when but we are constantly keeping an eye out on social media if we hear anything else and when Chris S get close to a Cast Assessment we will announce when we post it up for you guys and I am sure we are getting close as I said there has been movement and just excited for this brand new opportunity especially for our Audio ONLY Podcast Network and this is just the beginning as we have other big ideas coming to our network and excited to eventually tell you guys what we have planned. That is my update with Big Brother Australia as there has been questions about the Recaps and that is all we can tell you at this time and we won't address it anymore till we get closer to the season beginning. 


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