Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Why Did I End Entertainment Man Podcast?

                Now that we are days after the Finale of Entertainment Man Podcast, the question is why? Why did it end? There is a ton of reasons why I have made the decision to end it after an year of it running and here are the reasons why, I have decided to end the Podcast and Move on:

1) The CBOTW Show needed my attention as the podcast alone has grown so fast within the past month with addition of more shows to the list and I am just busy as Executive Producer of that series. 

2) It Become too Much: It just was hard to handle both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show Podcast together. Honestly, I can easily pick up shows if I wish but right now plan on focusing on Big Brother, Big Brother Canada and Power Rangers Podcast at this moment and Executive Producing the Podcast. 

3) 3 Podcasts a week + Power Rangers Podcast: Had no time for all the projects at once so I have decided to actually end one of the major podcasts to actually focus on this and TV Shows in General. 

4) Maybe Was Meant To Be An  Filler?: Entertainment Man Podcast was maybe just meant to be an filler Podcast when Everything About Reality TV Podcast ended and maybe something to do between podcasts before The CBOTW Show Re-launched January 1st, 2021 of this year. 

                   Now ruling it out it will come back but more then likely no, The CBOTW Show will and is going to be the main Podcast on the website so we are just going to focus on this but I can say Entertainment Man Podcast was a great filler in the meantime and now I have a bigger and better project to focus on with this podcast moving forward with Chris S, Larry, Jasmine and Billy. We've got some amazing stuff coming up and all I can say is stay tuned and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


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