Tuesday, March 16, 2021

I Am On A Sabbatical As Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb

                  As the title says I am taking a break or Sabbatical from running the day to day Operations which now now has been handed over to Charlotte for the day to day operations of the website and team. Couple of reasons for that is 1) I'm stressed 24-7 and need to try and now destress and I am going to if crap stops happening over this way. 2) My grandma has been not well since getting the vaccine for this virus as Jasmine would say, the Backstreet Reunion Tour (LOL.) 3) Now that Entertainment Man Podcast is gone, I have been depressed and dealing with that too. 4) Getting over some drama and always seems to be more added to the list to be honest. 5) The amount of hate, disrespect and being blocked for no apparent reason. Those are my reasons behind why I have taken myself away from CBOTW and why I am not as involved with the team at this time. I know I have been accused of so many different things recently which is beyond what I can believe and it is hard honestly to take this crap from people.

                   However I will still be active on the blog Tuesdays - Fridays on our normal blogging days, I'll be active on Twitter and Instagram posting up stuff but as for the decisions I will not be involved with for the time being while I deal with and get my mental health better then it has been with recently which is the upmost importance to me. Also the Podcasts you will hear my voice but I need to be upfront and honest with all that is happening with my Grandma not doing well, Jasmine will be taking over this week at the most, Thursday at least, I may pop back on Saturday, we'll see how that is goes but more then likely Jasmine will do both this week while I deal with all this and I know they will be happy to take over as long as I need and this is why I have an amazing team, we back each other up either way. When will I return back to ChrisBOnTheWeb? I couldn't honestly tell you guys at this point, now is definitely not the time to make that decision at this moment. I am taking my time with the decision to return and I hope it's soon to be honest and I may wait till my Facebook Ban is over but we will. I just wanted to be more open why I am taking time away and not hide the real truth behind why I haven't said anything and honest reason is I had posts already scheduled for last week and why I have decided to push it to today.


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