Monday, March 15, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update [03-15-2021]

Another week is here and time for yet another update. Well it has been an eventful week dealing with a depressed owner and maybe that is why he's taken a Sabbatical from running things is to deal with his Mental Health. I know he's openly spoken about it on Twitter and we're proud of him for being more open to the fact he has some mental health issues right now and being stuck at home most of the time don't help whatsoever. As you can notice on "The Team" he has the tag On A Sabbatical and we do not know how long he is going to be away and I cannot give an ETA on when he's returning to his normal post and with Entertainment Man Podcast now wrapping up Production after a year of it being a part of our network and I am sure he will need time to deal with losing a podcast as I know that was a thing especially when Everything About Reality TV wrapped last year nearly a year ago. 

               Now with Entertainment Man Podcast ending production, the Audio Feeds will be up for at least a month after but you can always find it under "Archives" under the Podcasts or by going to and you can listen to old episodes. It will take sometime to take down the other Audio ONLY Feeds from directories but you can always find it here on our website one way or another. The CBOTW Show is also gearing up to start Big Brother Australia Recaps with your host Chris S and the cast is slowly dropping so hopefully soon we will have an announcement to when Recaps will be up on our Audio ONLY Podcast Network. We also have noticed the amount of spam and disrespect has gone down and we have OFFICIALLY opened to the chat to everyone, guests are now welcome on our chatroom now but if you guys wanna earn mod, then you would have to have an account for that to happen. Also we have put a Terms of Service which you can find here: One last thing with the YouTube, Chris has told me it was a computer issue whether he needed to reboot or reboot for an update who knows. They are reconsidering YouTube but more news is coming! That is the updates for this week and I will be back next Monday with an update but expect the unexpected you may just hear from me again, depends if he needs me to post.

Charlotte, Site Admin

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