Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Updates [02-19-2020]

             So I have some updates since about 2 days ago this was while I was putting up other content here on the website, Both Jasmine and I agreed since we couldn't find a Host for the upcoming Big Brother Canada Season 8 and also Big Brother US, Season 22, they will be indeed doing the recaps as we originally planned on doing. I will be around if they need me to replace them one week but I we will make it work on way or another. You never know you may hear my voice on the podcast from time to time as a guest. Mind you I am still one of the hosts but I am playing more of a Behind The Scenes but still covering Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Amazing Race Canada so I am still involved but just not as involved for Big Brother anymore. I think it is the most appropriate time to step back on the role of host and actually let someone else cover it. It is exciting and it will be a strange feeling to have not covering it but this our plan moving forward for the 3 of us. So here is the updated schedule:

Thursdays: 9 pm EST- Survivor Winners At War RECAP

Fridays: 9 pm EST- Big Brother Canada 8 RECAP (Starting March 6th, 2020)

            There is our schedule if we need to tweak it we will let you know but for the most part we are sticking to our normal schedule as we have it during the Big Brother seasons so we are very much happy with it. Now TAR (The Amazing Race) we do not still not know what the plan or when it will be starting but found an article speculating May we could see that which is great as I will be at the end of Survivor and Amazing Race will just be in my schedule but right now it is too early to say as we haven't even started the Big Brother Canada Season 8 season yet so we will let you know when we know but I have informed CBOTW Staff, Everything About Reality TV Staff about what I found but will keep digging around like I always do.  These are our updates and like I said once I know further will definitely make another post for you guys. 


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