Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I Have Address Something-- Clear The Air...

            Recently I have found, we have found people blocking us for unfollowing. Now that is our choice if we want to unfollow. I have been honestly clearing a lot of the spam and honestly I should of thought of only following certain people. Now that I am not one on Twitch anymore since I am not with that other podcast anymore, or with YouTube anymore.  I have kept video games just because we can find a reason to do a review for our blog here on the website. Honestly we feel betrayed that this is what it comes down to us being blocked for no reason when we 1) we do not speak bad about anyone, we stay 100% focused on the content we come out 2) We have every right to actually unfollow people. I'd say just unfollow us and move on. There is no need to be rude and go block us. You can simply mention us hey why did you unfollow or like I said just unfollow us and move on. I honestly feel very betrayed and it has become very disheartening to lose followers like this. The other thing that has been bothering me is the amount of suspensions or restricted accounts is probably the reason that we have indeed lost a lot of followers and another reason why sometimes we decide to not follow back as it becomes a repetitive thing and nothing personal, it is just frustrating for us honestly but it's not their fault either as Twitter seems to be very strict now with the rules these days. 

               So that is what I want to say on this situation and honestly, we are doing what we have to do. We are just frustrated by all of this and it is a clear now too. So with that I do want to ramble on about it but the main part that is frustrating me is people blocking us for no reason. We kept thinking it is the posts that we are doing it is too many posts or not enough and I honestly think it isn't that so the reason, I am not really sure. I try to not get spammy with posts and you guys enjoy my posts and updates. However since I switched from my own personal Twitter to this being a team Twitter now and more professional. You have to understand I followed everyone and now we have to try and keep it to a professional level now and we decided to follow people around the kind of content we are doing which is blogging and podcasting. Hope you guys all understand where we are coming from and honestly we will not be unfollowing anyone else at this point unless its spam but either then that happy Tweeting! 


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