Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Johnny's Food Review- Triple Decker Grilled Cheese W/ Ham!

           I know this was almost a week ago, but I had other content on the go for the website at the time and it went to the bottom of my list for now. However I decided to slip it into the schedule this week before I totally forget to do this honestly. Honestly it was starting to slip my mind but honestly as you guys know, I was at Eric's for Survivor premiere and we decided to go back to Johnny's. I know, I've done 2 reviews on the restaurant with this being my 3rd review and I am pretty sure you guys are tired of it but hey you guys enjoy this food review so I am going to do it. I know you can sense sarcasm from me but that is who I am some days, I tend to have a bit of sarcasm some days, ha-ha. So to the review, enough of me rambling on about myself. I had the triple Decker Grilled Cheese with Ham in it. Not just one piece of ham but to and it was a good thickness to it. However, I found it really, really good and I may try it here at home for myself but it was good. Now as you know I give the reviews 5 but this time around I am giving it a 10 all day long! Yes I know it has been an up and down with Johnny's but for the most part a positive experience for both of us and Eric actually had the same thing as me. The Grilled cheese was so soft, so gooey, was really really good.

             Now we even mentioned we know what we are going to have to dessert which was their infamous Apple Pie and she even checked for us while we waited for our food and she gave us a thumbs up as she had 2 of them left and saved them for us which was really nice of her. Actually we had the same waitress from the previous time which was back near my birthday in December. Of course we had the pie afterwards and of course it still has a 10 all day. That hasn't changed at all, however I think next time I may try the Coconut Cream Pie for a change perhaps but we will see. I am still partial to the Apple Pie. I love it and really tasty... Honestly you cannot go wrong with Apple Pie and always love it. Oh I may as well throw this 2 more things to this post, the Owner or Manager knows us very well as we're there a couple of times in a year for special occasions or even the Survivor or Big Brother Premieres or Finales. Also the waitress also warmed it up for us slightly but it was really good as well. In March, Larry and I will be finally doing the Pop Eyes Food Review and I am looking forward to that actually and cannot wait to actually try it out for the very first time in my life.


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