Monday, February 17, 2020

Family Day 2020-- Taking a Day Off Before A Long Haul

              I am taking a day off today, plus it is Family Day in Ontario and deserve to take a break from things but yes I realize I took time off but it is a holiday today and I want to spend a ton of time with my parents today. Don't worry, we are going full speed ahead tomorrow with the podcasts that have been recorded yesterday. I want to talk about that, now it was an amazing day and you guys will have a bonus on the podcast but I will not say what. Let's just say Larry and I really went back and forth with one another, I asked questions when I had to, which is the reason to what happened. I know you guys are probably confused right now but I wanna tell you guys what happened--- Ahh know what I will say it, even tho my counterpart or Co-Host said not to but let's just say it is longer then what we expected it to be compare to the other episodes but you will have to wait and see as it hasn't been edited yet and will start working on those this week before starting the next collab for Larry and I. However that is besides the point of this post as today is Family Day Holiday here and nothing is open, so I am planning to spend a ton of time with my parents today, play cards, dice and maybe even sit down and watch some of the shows with my mom that we need to catch up on; Untold Stories of The ER, Celebrity Family Feud as we have a ton of those to watch right now, so we may binge watch a pile of them today to get caught up a bit, especially if Celebrity Family Feud comes back this summer especially.

                So the fan page, Twitter DM's, more then likely I will try and answer them, unless I am busy at the moment living my personal life. I will be tweeting and posting on Instagram here and there but for the most part not too often today as I may just take a break today from social media if I have to but will always have my phone with me at all times but like I said it may be take me a bit to answer. Yes I promise to enjoy the time off and decided to re-watch Survivor Heroes Vs. Villians as it is one of my favorite seasons of Survivor and I see a few familar faces from this current season that is on (Season 40), Parvati, Sandra, Boston Rob, Tyson. Anyways I am probably will be playing some Sims as well as I want to work on them a bit more since I decided to make some changes to them and yes there has been a few fires and one sim lazy to put out the fire so just standing there watching the house burn down... smh... I will do a separate post for you guys later on this week. Anyways Happy Family Day to those who are celebrating it here in Canada today and I will talk to you guys in the next post tomorrow.


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