Sunday, September 1, 2019

Big Brother Recaps Will Return In 2020, I Promise!

            I have been dealing with some personal issues this summer and I have not been myself honestly. From friendship problems to family drama to death in the family, I just cannot focus 100% I am only 50% However I am not giving up on the 11th season entirely, I am still doing Amazing Race Canada 7, I am still doing recaps and staying on track with those each week. Right now I need to start revising the podcast as 2020 is going to be a lot huger then this year. Yea I understand I may lose listeners over this but most will understand that my mental health comes first technically.  However with the plans I have in 2020 which I have sort of mentioned on Twitter in the past, Everything About Reality TV will be back to Big Brother Recaps in 2020 for both Big Brother Canada Season 8 & Big Brother 22 but for right now I am on a Big Brother break to focus on me. Also to start give the podcast of a bit of a tune-up and plus the fact The CBOTW Network is on it's way back  which I will be changing things but that's for tomorrow's post technically. Anyways I think it is long coming to start fine tuning scheduling and the way the podcast is done come this fall with the live feature being back in play as part of the podcast. More to come tomorrow's post! 

               Like the title of this blog says, I do promise you guys and I want to make sure that this podcast is going to stay consistent for you guys on a regular basis or weekly basis at this point so that is why I have pulled all the previous episodes of the Big Brother 21 Recaps off the feed for now and honestly it is my fault for going off track. I should of been smarter honestly with staying on track. I could of stayed up late, record then go to bed and edit in the morning. However there will have to be a ton of changes in the way the production of the podcast goes come towards the end of this month as we head into the 12th season of the podcast, we want to make sure we get things right the first time around honestly. So with the conclusion of this post I apologize for just dropping Big Brother 21 Recaps suddenly but it has just gotten so out of control that is the reason why I have decided to stop them and you guys are OK with it according to the Twitter poll I have done in the last few hours and it is still going up to tomorrow afternoon/evening when it closes. However as you know the decision has been made already. However you're input is still very much important to me and I thank you all to those who took the time and voted as I said your opinion matters with CBOTW.


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