Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Podcasting: Editing & Posting It Up!

               Well this series is coming to a wrap soon and in today's second last post of this mini series on podcasting we are going to talk about editing and posting up you're podcast. Let's start with editing side of things. You are finished with your podcast recording session and ready for the next step which is editing. Most part when I edit my podcast I get rid of the parts I don't want to have or feel isn't the right fit to the podcast and I have done this in the past and it proves to have worked as well. The other part is getting rid of the dead air on the podcast is the other part. Nobody likes or wants to listen to the dead air on the podcast so it is very imperative that you get rid of it this way it really does tighten up the podcast. I mean you definitely do not want dead air on the podcast as that can lose listeners and that was my issue when I first started out as podcaster on a full time basis as I originally never edited the podcast whatsoever which was a dumb move honestly but when I started to think about editing that is when it all clicked that my views would have gone up and trust me they have gone up. So what I mean by this is dead air removed is not good as you will hear nothing! Dead air that's it. However when I do edit it out I have not even a second, more like half a second to ensure there is not a very long pause, however minus the dramatic pauses in there I will keep but that is very rare of the time when that happens honestly. 

               Now the posting up part. You have to add in the title of your podcast which the most important thing and it is hard for me to start titling the podcast when I first started but got the general idea when I started up with the podcast but it takes time and I want to make sure I am titling the podcast properly. Next up is the text what the episode is all about and what to expect on this episode of the podcast each and every week. I try to keep it short and sweet most of the time so you guys are not reading a textbook of words on what to expect on the podcast honestly. The final part of of this post is the keywords and normally I will put in for example, podcast, audio only, reality tv, the name of the show being covered and much more. Final thing is to hit that publish button to post it out to all the platforms that you are on. Fair warning it will take up to an hour to  2 hours to post to all the different platforms as I have learned that in the past. I will talk to you guys tomorrow for the final post of this podcast series as we wrap it up.


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