Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Promoting You're Podcast

               For the final part of this post is the promotion part. Yes Promotion is key to your content, especially when it comes to promoting it which is the final step to a successful podcast honestly.  Now as you know I have only 2 platforms I promote the podcast on, actually one main one as I try and keep Instagram to photos only with behind the scenes but that is how people know about my podcast. However I use Twitter the most with promoting Everything About Reality TV Podcast and soon to be adding in to Billy's to the list as you know he is going to be starting it up soon.  I also use a ton of hashtags such a #EverythingAboutRealityTV and #Podcast and the name of the TV Show I am covering which helps a lot with picking up on viewers.  Anyways to use your own hashtag and the hashtags I mentioned above sure does help and gets your name out there for sure.  I try and use as many I can with any of the content that goes out there to you guys whether it is podcasts or blog but this post is mostly about podcasting technically. Now I know you cannot fit in all the links so what I do is like a few of em in for example,, ITunes,, Player FM, Stitcher then I put at the bottom of each and every post I put in "Also in 10 other platforms, go to to the podcast page for my podcast for other links" Reason I say that, is because "Everything About Reality TV" is on 14 other platforms which has seen a ton other platforms that I wasn't expecting my podcast to get this far but as you know Twitter, you cannot do anymore then 280 characters on there and it is fine as they can't have users pretty much spamming the heck out of people's feeds. 

                 So promoting your podcast is paramount to the success of your show and honestly without social media promotion it would take a long time to grow. Only reason I have 47 listeners out of 2 of the platforms is because of the promotion of the podcast. However people will come across the podcast too on the platforms and take a listen and if they enjoy your content then they will be a subscriber and a regular to the podcast each week that you do it. Promoting your podcast doesn't mean you will be getting listeners right away and it takes time to get the listeners just like when Billy and I start doing our podcasts live on The CBOTW Network, that will take time to get listeners so the example I am giving you guys and what I am saying is it will definitely take time but the more you promote your podcast the better it gets known. For crying out loud, it took me 1.5 - 2 years to start being well known for my podcast so another word it could take up to that time but again it all depends on the topic and how popular it is. Big recommendation is to do a podcast that has a popular topic for me it's Reality TV and it has done well for itself over the years of it's run which is now nearly 4 years now it's been on the air. Just remember to promote your podcast, schedule the posts which I do 99.999 of the time as usually now these days I am in bed earlier then usual so it automatically posts up for me but make sure to post it and be consistent with your're podcasts going up on a weekly or couple of times a week as that is how you keep your listeners and gain more in the process.


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