Monday, December 10, 2018

What Are My Favorite Big Brother US Season

            What are my favorite seasons of Big Brother US? There are a bunch on my list that I have seen that are indeed my favorite seasons and this is the reason behind today' blog post is what are they and why do they make my list? Well here is my list of my favorite seasons by no particular order:

  • Big Brother 10- Dan's first season, as you all know by now, I am a huge Dan Gheesling fan and loved his first season, plus he won the season and the next point on my list is another season he was in.
  • Big Brother 14- This is Dan's second season he was on, came in 2nd and hosted his own funeral. Not just Dan but to have Janelle, Boogie and Brittany back as coaches for the first half, was an amazing twist to the season.
  • Big Brother 13- The fact they had a duos twist in this season, I never thought this would actually work as a season but hey it worked right to the end of the season and I wasn't expecting Rachel to win actually.
  • Big Brother 16- The season that Derek won, it was an interesting season indeed. He definitely was compared to Dan that season.
  • Big Brother 19- Was an amazing and such a wild and crazy season with the temptations and full of drama the entire season as well, it was indeed a wild season for Big Brother and I was shocked Paul lost twice within a year.
  • Big Brother 20- Was another great season and I honestly thought from Day 1 that Tyler would of won this season. I like the theme where it had to do with technology. I haven't seen a close final vote in a very long time on Big Brother.
  • Big Brother 8- The season with Evel Dick, tormenting the houseguests throughout the season and won the season in the end, it was an amazing season and probably one of my favorite earlier seasons on top of the ones I mentioned above. 

                  There is my list, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my list today as I enjoyed writing this post today. I am indeed a Big Brother Super Fan as you can tell and I just cannot wait for another season which we do not know what is the status of the regular summer time show as of it but I am looking forward to Celebrity Big Brother and then of course Big Brother Canada. I just hope Big Brother US isn't ending as we just had BB UK just end it's run so I am not ready for the US to end. Yes mind you I haven't watched BBUK but would like to watch one of Nikki's season down the road but back to topic at hand, I did enjoy writing today's post.


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