Sunday, December 9, 2018

What Is The Plan Now That I Am Done Events For The Year?

         So what is the plan now that I am done with events for the year by the end of this week? Well I have already been working on Power Rangers Podcast and today I got to record 2 episodes with Larry here in the studio and boy it was a fun time indeed and we went longer then the original 3 episodes had in time length per episode. I also now have to start the editing process of the two episodes this week and next week in order to release episodes on December 26th, 2018 (Yes, Boxing Day!!!!) and also on January 2nd, 2019 which is 2 days before Music City is Released on The CBOTW Show Page. Also I will be releasing on January 2nd, 2019 and the January 9th, 2019 some off season podcasts so over the holiday break, I will be mass recording some off season Podcasts. Also on the 14th I will have to prep for Celebrity Big Brother US before but will be releasing on the 14th the preview podcast and my draft who will win the season so do sty tune for that.

             Other then that I will be working on blog posts and try and continue to post up daily if I can and I know I have been missing a couple of days here and there but will try my best to continue on with my daily blogs and I have tons of ideas up my sleeve for posts and tons of stuff written down to talk about. Also in the New Year I will be preparing the next Power Rangers Podcast which I cannot really give a date for it yet but I will slip it between my busy schedule somewhere when i have the time to record it but if the notes stay in my inbox here in the studio for a while till I am able to squeeze time in so be it I will just do that but I plan on prepping between January and March with Power Rangers In Space and getting it done before Big Brother Canada 7 starts as you know that is my busiest schedule is during that season which busy is good. Also in the New Year I gotta plan what events I will be going to locally and in Toronto as well so that is also currently on my list for 2019 but will have plenty of time to work on that from January till end of April but it is on my list. As you know winter there are no events really to go to till May when the Maple Festival happens in Bowmanville and so on so I gotta make the best time with my open time and use it to it's full potential.


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