Friday, December 7, 2018

First Impressions of XCom: Enemy Unknown Video Game

             Mind you I haven't played a ton of hours of XCom: Enemy Unknown at this point but enough to give my first impressions on today's blog post. First thought when I went through the starting stages of the game and I haven't played it lately but I will get to it eventually as I got so many different games right now. The first initial impressions that I had with this game is this is so similar to Starcraft and it has that kind of format but minus one thing which is the building aspect of the game which XCom does not have, it is more fighting then usual but that's OK, honestly.  I sort of got stuck to where to go as I need to figure out where my guys go next and hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to actually play a little XCom: Enemy Unknown and get back right into the game. Right now my work load is very hectic and hope tonight to be finishing things up to at least have a day off tomorrow for the first time in a long time and this is more then likely going to be the game I play for the next while and get this game done too. Like I said my list is endless at this point and I will need to get some of them done before buying new games.

              Now do I actually enjoy this game? Yes I sure do. I like the way things work and I have watched someone play through this game and I am partial to shooter games actually. I like the format and like I mentioned above it sure reminds me of Starcraft which is created by the company Blizzard. I am actually very good at the shooter games, especially the sniper shots I am a bulls-eye shot so to speak. It is a learning curve with this game but I am sure as heck am learning as I go on in this game and it is the same with any game I play I have to learn as I go throughout the game so I am definitely up to learning new things in the game and figuring things out. One good thing about me is I am indeed a fast learner and able to learn on the go which is a very good trait to indeed have. I really am enjoying this game and I plan on doing a final thoughts on this game in the very nearby future.


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