Thursday, December 6, 2018

What Did I Get and What Did I Do For My Birthday?

            First I will talk about what did I do on my birthday, I got up at a decent time around 830 yesterday morning, got ready for the day and got the 926 am Bus to the mall to meet up with Larry. Met up went to get our lunch at Subway and it was good, mind you. We got back and of course I opened up my gift from Larry which was DVD's, Power Ranger Turbo, Volume 1 and Power Rangers The Movie the most recent of the movies. Also he bought me a drink which I have not yet drank yet as it is still sitting on the floor next to my tower.... smh. I need to crack that bad boy open today or tomorrow at some point. Also I opened my mom and dad's gift which was a fitbit which is great as I am always out and about walking or just out and about in my regular everyday life as it is so it works out great! Also from my brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew I got Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, some Married With Children seasons. All in all, it was  a great day.

           I was however disappointed a friend let me down but it is what it is and I just moved forward with my day and enjoyed myself with the time I had with Larry and that is what matters to me. The whole day wasn't ruined. I made it the best I can. Next year, now I know who I can rely on to come and who not to rely on. This year was a test. Why the heck do you think I have but things are fine between the two of us and that is what matters and next year we can do some kind of extravaganza of some sort I am sure. I am sure he will be in the studio as a guest in one of my podcasts as he was interested in coming on as Twitch is now up in the air at this point which I will talk about more when I have more information to give to you guys which I don't at this point of time. 

               As for dinner my parents and I had homemade Mac and Cheese and boy it was very, very tasty. Yes we had cupcakes before dinner with my brother, niece and nephew and also I had one with Larry which he took 2 home for his mom and himself so that was nice. I was tired after all of that, I tried to lie down and sleep but no dice whatsoever, I ended up down in my studio for another hour, hour and a half at the most and hope I do sleep tonight as I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.


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