Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Got To Go To A Local Parade!

          I got the chance back on the weekend to go to a parade locally and only reason we went was because my brother was in it with his work and he brought his daughter (My Niece) on the float. Also my nephew was in was in the parade earlier with his Beavers which is part of the Boy Scouts for ages 6 - 7. I was somewhat disappointed in the parade as they had the politicians there but non of them there or present at the time and I understand if their still in Ottawa or Toronto but the Mayor and Councillors could of been there in the parade. Now our mayor, MP (Member of Parliament), MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) was there and attended our parade right here in my own hometown here as this parade and I am talking about a couple of years ago technically. That was the only disappointed in this parade but the rest I really did enjoy and seeing my niece and nephew in the parade. We were at the end of the parade where the parade ended and we managed to see my nephew at least but I added in the picture on here of my nephew and I and yes hes got part of his uniform on.

              Would I do this again? Of course, we would do this again if any of them are in the parade I will be there to support no matter what. Family means the world to me! They are my number 1 priority from this and I love spending time with the kids each and every week and to have a bonus visit with this is a bonus itself. Like my Twitter says I am a "Proud Uncle" and darn right I am a proud uncle. I probably get to see the kids twice this week, tomorrow for my birthday and Friday if we are to get them this week as normally but we will see how things go. Either way I get to see them regardless this week. I had a good time and it was time outside of the studio to be with my family which I haven't done much of lately due to my very hectic schedule around the studio and going to events but with events now done for the year for me, I got more time for family members even more. 


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