Saturday, June 3, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Post Winter/Spring Season

              Now that Everything About Reality TV is now on HIATUS until June 30th, exactly 27 days from today, yes! I am definitely counting down and excited to be recording Big Brother US 19 & Amazing Race Canada 5. I am always happy to be covering Reality TV shows but it is nice to be off for a few weeks to rest and get ready for the upcoming season! It also gives time to wind down and keep an eye out for the cast for both shows and prepare for the Preview Podcast the week before it begins. I do got confirmations on shows for the Fall but waiting for the late summer to post it up officially announce what I will be covering in the Fall but got an idea what will be covered and what will not and Hell's Kitchen will be not returning back on the EAR TV Schedule but is coming out this fall but will be watching it in the fall though. I want to make my primary focus for Everything About Reality TV to Survivor, Big Brother Canada, Big Brother US, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada. But you will always be seeing me tweet or even blog about Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef US, Masterchef Canada & Masterchef Junior.  I am very, very happy with the results of this Reality TV season I covered on Everything About Reality TV this season that just concluded, however a few things that I could probably most likely improve on this summer when the podcast returns:

1) Redo the intro to the podcast and improve on the intro to the podcast, same intro theme which is royalty free obviously, wanna stay legit with it and has worked well for the podcast, just my voice over part needs to be updated and maybe a bit better and the volume of my voice through my mixer could be a bit lower then it has been but this intro has worked and you guys seem to like it but I wanna change things up a bit and I got a few ideas on my mind how to do this new intro and trust me you will actually like this one too! 

2) Work on my sound, tweaking my sound over the next 2 - 3 weeks between preview podcasts and making my sound is good quality and ready to go when recaps start back up at the end of the month of June. 

             So as you can see, I am working around the clock still and blogging still but also tweaking my sound and the intro to the podcast and getting the preview podcast ready for recording the week before the BB19 game begins for us fans and The Amazing Race Canada starts! I am not planning any other type of podcast for the next 2 weeks until the Preview Podcast comes out and including talking about the rumors and what my friends Eric and Dave told me. But hopefully by the preview podcast you will hear the new intro. Finally this is insight what is to come for this delightful and fun podcast talking about Reality TV!

Have a great Saturday! Might do a second post later on today!


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