Wednesday, May 31, 2017


                I really never talked about this in the past on this blog, but I am today on this blog post. Sometimes when things are going very wrong for you, you gotta be patient and wait at the right time to make the right moves is a prime example, like now I am primarily doing Audio ONLY but down the line you never know if I will bring it back to Video platform again in the near future? You never know but right now the Audio ONLY has become a success from the get go, since September 22nd, 2016 when I took off on this podcast journey on Audio ONLY. Then building up to Stitcher that took patience after submitting to be on there, same with but I got there and took nothing but patience for a response whether I was accepted into those platforms or not but I was, I managed to get onto that platform no problem at all and I have my patience to thank for that. Some people are patient at certain things and I admit I am not totally patient with everything and my team towards the end of the time I had a team left but they were kind of pushing it. 

               Now on that topic, it wasn't easy having a team even back in the old The Video Projects Team days I was patient to a point until my team decided to push my buttons that was where I drew the line with things then I would have to take appropriate action and deal with it accordingly. Even at the end of the run for Team Chris B On The Web patience was getting limited asking my team to do one simple thing over and over again and waiting months for something to be done that really ticked me off because I don't like to wait I'm a doer  not a waiter, I know that made no sense whatsoever.  Same with the suppose CBOTW Gamers Podcast I had a host lined up but waiting for them to get back onto Twitter and it took em 5 months and still never was done, if they never got suspended non of this would of happened and they would be underway to be hosting yet another great podcast on Chris B On The Web &

                 But now I am very patient and using my problem solving skills and deciding what works for me and what doesn't work for me and it has helped out so far and this is now my second week on my own, was like a couple of days before Big Brother Canada 5 finale came around. But I think I have started to become very patient with things and figuring out and problem solving and there is a lot of things I would like to fix and it will happen slowly but surely! The saying goes, patience is a virtue!

Have a great Wednesday!


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