Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Post Team Chris B On The Web Days....

            Ever since I ended Team Chris B On The Web, things have been less stressful, not saying Justin M was a problem because he wasnt. He was one of the best Staff I had since Larry was on the team. He helped set me up to be on my own eventually and that time is now. I may be losing tons of followers on twitter but it happens. I have managed to get a game plan together this way I am setting myself up for success, not failure. I have done a decent job since then but have struggled a bit to maintain the followers and been stuck between 2680 to 2693 followers but i have been in that rut before a few times in the past too so I should be use to it.

              Also since being on my own I have been more consistant with posting up blog posts every second day which was my goal to get a post everyday or at the most every second day. I am slowly getting there bur it will take time just like fixing my podcast scheduling issue of being on time.

Have a great Tuesday!


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