Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2018 In Toronto

             Yesterday, I got the opportunity to go to two festivals, the Ukrainian & Polish Festival, yes tons of food and definitely a weight gainer as you know I am on a diet right now but I took yesterday as one of my fat days for the festival and I am allowed that once and a while and yesterday was one of those days. So we left at around 10 am in the morning, drove down to York Mills Subway station and got on from there. We had to transfer at Bloor to the Bloor Danforth Line all the way over to Jane for the festival. Yes I realize it is a long way to go but worth it in the end. We got there and started to look around and we turned around and there was the parade which is do a parade that they do each and every year to launch the festival and as you can see above, there is the start of the parade. Next we walked down the street looking at some of the booths there, so many political tables which I do not know why they have to even campaign at this event as we are going into another election which will be municipal. Anyways we grabbed some food, this year we had perogies and Latke which are potato pancakes.  We finished looking around and headed on out from festival 1. 

                Then we headed our way to the Polish festival off of Roncesville in Toronto, Ontario and it was a lot to take in as it goes a very great stretch down the street. We heard some great music, Polka Music to be exact and also they had dancing as well which I have have seen polish dance before at the General Sorkorski Hall here, locally last year during Fiesta Week. As for dinner we had polish sausage on a bun which the bun was so fresh and the sausage itself was really tender and great. Another great year at both of the festivals and looking forward to going back next year with my dad once again as both him and I do this each and every year. It is always fun to go even though, there is tons of walking involved with it but it is good exercise and glad to be away from the studio for the day.


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