Sunday, June 2, 2019

What Were My Favorite Platforms For Streaming?

              I know I never spoken which platforms I really liked to stream on and really there were only 2 platforms I really liked honestly... Out of all the platforms I have been on which are a ton of them honestly... Too many to really count and not enough fingers to count really... lol! There are only really two that hit home with me and of course my team back in the day if you remember those days who have been following me since the beginning of my adventure online. I know, I know, stop stalling and talk about the platforms that I really enjoyed streaming on but mind you both of these platforms are no longer around as they have closed down...

1) Now merged with YouNow, it was the first platform I was on briefly in 2008 and boy the platform was on of the best but for streaming wise wasn't the first platform I officially started on and UBroadcast does not no longer exist as well. Met a ton of friends and I got the privilege to DJ for a station which is no longer active both on this platform and another I will mention in the second point of this post today. I was in touch with the owner for many years but recently have lost touch which happens. I really do not talk to anybody from the platform but met someone who was on BlogTV back in the day. The Video Projects Team could of done things differently and just done social casts back in the day, things could of been different but I really enjoyed the platform, it was a great platform indeed.

2) Another site that has gone was the second platform I was on and was recommended and that is how I started to DJ for 2 other stations but once moved over to BlogTV then I was with them for a short time. I once again met some great people and stay connected with them for about 4 - 5 years before I lost contact with them but the fact you were able to cam up was amazing on the sides and that is when I brought a new show in with a friend. Now it didn't last long but we got some good numbers even for a talk radio network. I remember I was in a friends room and one of my staff came in spamming and here comes the Stickam Admin to ban them from the room... LOL... Ahh the memories which I truly do miss honestly!

               There is my list of platforms that I enjoyed the most and honestly those are the platforms I excelled at with streaming to. It is sad that both of those sites are now no longer around or have merged with another website and honestly streaming today isn't the same like back in 2010 - 2013. That is kind of why I gave up on streaming, the platforms were not the same honestly. It didn't have the same feel as before and plus the trolls got out of control and even platforms I am now banned on 2 of em the staff there never really liked me from day 1 so I am in a better place now then I w as before and been a success on my own on a daily basis.


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