Monday, June 3, 2019

Video Games I Have Given Up On

            There has been game that I just did not finish or had issues with and that is what today's blog post is I have just given up and the list is not very short there are a pile of them on my list. So what is this list? Here are the games I have failed to finish:

1) Medal of Honor- It wasn't the original and In just got stuck and nowhere near completing the video game and I just did not really understand how to finish the game honestly...  So It went into my deleted video games list first.

2) Bomber Crew- The delay on the game to getting the character to the proper position was one of the issues. No matter what I did they were so slow to respond so the response on the game wasn't overly great however still is a great video game and I'd try it again in the nearby future.

3) Oxygen Not Included- Honestly I had no idea how to play the game and I did what I do best is rage quit the video game. It was too complicated for me honestly and not sure why I ended up quitting without trying.

4) Cities Skylines- There was errors in the game and not sure why the heck there was an error so I made the decision to delete the game from the list of games.

5) XCom: Enemy Unknown- I actually enjoyed playing this game and honestly not sure how in the world I managed to get rid of the game honestly as I was really enjoying the game as it reminded me of Star Craft video game which I plan on playing again as I haven't played it in years. 

              The list I am sure there are more on the list but I just cannot remember the ones that I deleted and I knew that I was going to be doing a post and should of had a list of the games I got rid of and like usual I am sure once this post is done and up I will remember the ones that I forgotten on the list. Recently my memory hasn't been great to remembering things but it's me... I always seem to let things slip out of my mind but I always seem to remember it at the wrong possible time. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the list and I do plan on playing new games down the road and I think on my list down the road is Escape from Tarkov as I watched Dan playing it and I really wanna play it so it's on the list and I am going to ask my parents to get it for me for birthday. I am good with the shooter games and I think I'd do well on the game. Never know maybe I'd stream it to my channel on YouTube once and a while when I have the free time. So always time for a new game on top of the ones that I failed to finish. Finally I would like to say I'd give XCom another shot and I would buy it again and try to beat the game as it was an accidental erase by mistake.


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