Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Power Rangers Podcast Returns Monday!

           With great excitement after 6 months of not recording the podcast, I am not prouder of what was done back on the weekend. It has been a roller coaster of hours or preparation and watching the show has truly paid off. I know I have been asked my not only you guys the fans about the return of the podcast but not only them but my co host, Larry has asked numerous times when is it coming back. With great pleasure and excitement, I am proud to say Power Rangers Podcast is returning this upcoming Monday with the Power Rangers In Space. I have been working on the editing of the podcast, getting ready and once I am done editing, the next step is to actually get the page ready to start releasing the episodes over on the collabs page in the next 2 weeks once a week on the Monday. I am so stoked after the long wait and silence of Larry and I not saying a word as we kind of started to speculate as the months going on during the hiatus that the planning for the return but kept things very hush hush especially to Larry and my alumni and staff as they get insight what is going on before you guys even know. However it is very exciting news and I am beyond excited that I am posting up a new episode next week and got the rest of the week to finish editing the episodes and getting ready for release. I also would like to say I do have an announcement to when the next one is coming out which will be a week Monday but here is what the schedule will look like for the next 2 weeks of this podcast:

Monday, June 10th, 2019: Power Rangers In Space Podcast, 8 pm EST

Monday, June 17th, 2019: Power Rangers Round Table Podcast, 8 pm EST

           The Power Rangers In Space is about an hour long meanwhile the Round Table Podcast is around 20 - 30 minutes long. It really all depends and it varies from episode to episode but you guys are getting content. I honestly cannot wait for you guys to hear both episodes and excited for the future episodes down the road as well and I know 6 months is a long wait but remember that both Larry and I only do this twice a year and it isn't too often we sit down to record these as it does take time to watch the season write notes then type up the notes but I got a plan which I will reveal in time that I may be adding on a 3rd session in 2020 but we will see how the schedule fits as right now I know I renewed my podcast series for a 11th and 12th season and I know more but you will see in a seperate post about that at 2 pm EST.


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