Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Good Old Stickam Days! (Throwback Thursday Story)

               This story is going long way back to the early years of me broadcasting and for those who wonder, I started with Stickam before BlogTV obviously. It is another blog post for another day very, very soon. Stickam was a broadcasting platform with BlogTV and other platforms that are now sadly gone and some are still in existed and/or I am currently banned from which I will not get into whatsoever. Anyways I was fairly new to casting and it was a social cast. No music or anything, just a chit chat session and a former friend of mine as him and I kind of disconnected when I dropped using Skype and moved into Discord full time.  Anyways this was just a social cast and I noticed that my numbers were up and my former friend noticed too. We looked at the front of and there I was, my mug was up there. I was like what the! They staff at Stickam must realized I was an entertaining broadcaster which I think I wasn't overly too entertaining. 

                 Also there was a time I was in a room and one of my staff at the time was also in there spamming and here comes an admin or "Staff" from Stickam and booted him out the door! I started to howl that he got banned for spamming. I was the one that reported him as the broadcaster wouldn't kick him out so they sure suffered the consequence. I can say I had some good traction when The Video Projects Team was on there but I remember my last cast before switching over platforms. Yes I played a lot of musical website chairs for many years and I just couldn't stay still during the times I broadcasted. After both Stickam and BlogTV closed down, I was just not happy. 

                I will always remember the Stickam days, I actually preferred that platform over any other platform as I got a ton more views and I got a pile of new friends that I would have over the course of several years, up to the point of me leaving the broadcasting world to be a podcaster on Audio ONLY. The platform will always have a place in my heart and was home for my now former team that doesn't exist anymore due to certain reasons but Stickam was home to the Season 3 Finale of The Entertainment Man Talk Show in 2010, was home to the network that had a couple of great shows on there and it was fun up to having someone underaged but I took care of it with a report to Stickam Staff, it is better me reporting them and getting banned numerous times but good memories lol.  Trolls were fun to play with up to having to ban em from the room. I will always remember the good times on that platform. 


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