Friday, December 21, 2018

I Am Always One Step Ahead As A Podcaster!

             It is always true that I am always one step ahead as a podcaster and what do I mean by that? I am either pre-recording ahead of time to have content ready to be released for you guys. Also I sometimes I pre-write notes for podcast ahead of time so I am ready to record it at a later date or even could be sooner to when I record a podcast in the studio. However if I do not record, I will store the notes away for when I really am ready to record the podcast, especially if it is early to record certain ones then it is when I will put the notes away for a later date. When I am not recording, that is what I am pretty much up to is preparing notes for future podcasts and getting hyped up for the next podcast. In the way of ideas, I am always coming up with new and innovative ideas for podcasts especially when it comes to the off season podcasts or even on The CBOTW Show I am always ahead of myself with the Power Rangers Podcasts months in advance of recording with Larry so I am definitely a go getter kind of person when it comes to me preparing. I, as a person likes to be prepared ahead of myself but I need to work on not waiting till the last second like I was with the last podcasts before we recorded em on the 9th of this month so there is still some tweaking to do at this point but I start 2 or 3 months in advance to preparing for those.

               There is nothing wrong with preparing ahead of time, I find it easier to have it done ahead of time then waiting to the last second so it is indeed easier to plan ahead then not. Especially now that the fact Power Rangers Podcasts I was doing with Larry is now on hold at this point due to my soon to be very, very busy schedule so I have to be one step further and ready when I need to schedule it, then record it it but right now that is not an option at this point to recording it anytime soon. However, I have to be one step ahead of myself so when it comes to me recording I am prepared and ready to go when it is time to actually ready to post up the episode and on time too as I am now getting better with posting up episodes at least this season I am!


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