Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thoughts on Finishing Another Podcast Season & Season 10 is Getting Close!

               This season has been one amazing but crazy season for me as a podcaster with the recent additions of platforms such as Listen Notes, OverCast, Castbox,  Podparadise & Podtail. Also saw the return of the podcast to the Stitcher platform after a year and a half hiatus from their wonderful platform as I made the executive decision to make the return to the platform after a long time. They were quite surprised when I emailed then after my partner account went silent for quite sometime after I requested the feed to be taken down as I decided to walk. This year all the platforms have had  good share of views,, TuneIn, Castbox, ITunes & Player FM been some of the big platforms but I think all the platforms have equally done well on it's own. Also I have had a website reach out to me as they also were listening from ITunes and I didn't know I had listeners from there too so it really did surprise me to know there was listeners from ITunes as well. I even got an DM on Instagram for an Interview which I know they have reached out to many people so I am somewhere on the list and they will get back to me soon down the road but will let you guys know when it is up as this will be my first ever interview I have been part of on another podcast. So this season has been really amazing despite the website malfunction with that provider whom I will not even mention their names as they are emailing me up the wall but another blog post if I wish to do that. This podcast has really done well and with the re-brand of The CBOTW Show it's picked up in views as well and its been formatted so well, I am proud of it regardless. 

                     Now with season 10 of Everything About Reality TV Podcast getting closer and closer, what are the plans for it? I do plan on having guests on the podcast from time to time if I can get some guests on the show I will. Also it is not fully scheduled here on the website yet but I am doubling up on Big Brother Canada 7 Recaps, twice a week and it was suppose to be a part of the Season 9 lineup but I did not plan it out properly and it needs tweaking so I have decided to make it a part of the Season 10 lineup on top of Survivor Edge of Extinction so 3 Everything About Reality TV Podcasts a week! I have already been speaking to a few people about Big Brother Canada 7 Finale plans already and I know the season has not yet started and I am already talking about finale plans? Well better to be well prepared for this season then ever. I am planning to not just have 1 but two guests in the studio for the finale. Also there is  friend of mine, he would like to have a guest spot during the season so I plan on having them out to the studio during the season at some point which will be indeed nice to have em here. So there is plans to start having a few guests here and there and open to reading DM's or emails from you guys if you wish to be on a future podcast down the road, the opportunities are there and that is why I have Discord for technically. 


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