Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Snow Has Already Started!

           The snow is already here in Ontario, Mother Nature did not wanna wait till the New Year or around Christmas this year and that's OK as long as it is not a lot of snow that is what matters to me and it wasn't much and it didn't stay down too long so that was fine too as well. I love to see snow but when it keeps on snowing and snowing then I start to dislike it as I am tired of the thickness of snow and walking in the snow especially but that is the Canadian weather for ya. It does get pretty insane from time to time in the way of the weather here but as Canadians we are very use to it. I wasn't expecting it to be till around now but we sure got some snow here in Ontario. Mother nature has sure been unbelievable this year with heat, rain and now snow I cannot know what to expect from mother nature this year. 

            As you guys know I do not like going out in the rain especially or the snow but I have to deal with this weather and I have already brought out the winter jacket and boots for this very odd weather. We seem to get snow here when we are not suppose to have the weather it just shows up from time to time. I dunno how to explain mother nature's logic behind having snow when they tell you it's only 50% chance of it actually happening yet we got snow on Monday. Guess she wanted to give us snow after all no matter what percentage it is 20%, 50% or 90% they gave us snow this week on a day we weren't suppose to get it honestly but ended up getting it no matter what.

             It sure doesn't help the fact I kept on saying I wanted the snow and only I would open my big yap to wanting snow after all. Maybe for once Mother Nature, she listened to me? Maybe I just decided to jinx the weather? I know someone that Larry and I both know will not be happy whatsoever with the recent snow fall and will give him and I both the look for wanting this snow here in Ontario. I am ready for the weather change and I know with this cold and snow my knees will be a troublesome with pain and aches and pains but nothing I am not use to or cannot handle, I am more then able to handle this weather but extreme weather, I cannot handle so much like freezing rain or snow storms and so on.


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