Friday, January 19, 2018

My Thoughts On YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

           I found this out last night that YouTube has changed how content creators can get their videos monetize on YouTube. Now creators have to have up to 1000 subscribers on their channel, but also have to have 4000 hours of watch time compare to the older requirement where you had to have up to 10000 views. Also if you are NOT eligible, your monetization will be disabled until you have reached that requirements. Now the blog also said  there is a 30 day grace period if content creator's ARE below 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours of watch time, they have 30 days to reach it or their monetization will be disabled until they reach it. 

                My thoughts on this? Well I do not wanna come up as bias about this but it is much tougher for content creators to earn which is not good whatsoever, it is much tougher for them and much tougher for them to earn revenue for their long hours working on their content. I do understand this is to prevent inappropriate videos from being monetized as we have in the past week or two with the recent inappropriate content that went viral in the platform. So I do not understand why they could keep the 10,000 views requirement and have a better system to know if their is a inappropriate video that was posted on the YouTube platform instead of changing the way you can earn revenue. That really has nothing to do with just monetization but the users posting up inappropriate, they need to honestly do better at watching what is posted up. Yes this could help videos not earn revenue but it's not only that, ANY inappropriate content should still be removed anyways and of course it should have a strike added to it or if it is extremely inappropriate it should be more severe of the punishment. If content creators do not earn money, I'm sure they would look at another platform or so something else like stream and earn revenue via Twitch. 

                Advice for content creators wanting to earn revenue? Keep on creating! Keep your eye on the prize, keep on creating no matter how low your watch hours are or how low the subscriber count is at! I know why do you guys wanna hear this from a YouTube wanna-be  from someone who quit the platform 2 years ago? Well I was there at one point, took me years to get the views the subscribers and I know I had between 36 - 38 subscribers but they were the most loyal subscribers I had to the end. What I am trying to say, you will get subscribers who will be loyal to your channel and watch your videos regularly so you will get people who love your content and support you on a regular basis. Keep on creating, you will get to that requirements and you will earn ad revenue on the website. Yes they may have had the adpocolypse at one point but keep on working hard and if YouTube isn't for you and you rather stream video games as you're a gamer, then go to Twitch that is the other option you have.


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