Thursday, January 18, 2018

First Oshawa Generals Game In Years!

            So 4 days ago since I am way behind on the blog posts lately but hey better late then never I guess.  This was the first Oshawa Generals Ontario Hockey League game in quite sometime now and I believe the last game I went to was with either my friends or my family, it is hard to remember this far back right now.  

            This was a crucial game for the Gens as they had to win in order to move up on the Kingston Frontenac's Hockey team who is ahead of the General's currently so any win against Kingston right now will help them move ahead of Doug Gilmour's Frontenac's Hockey team. Now my friend mentioned to me that the Gens lost the night before, yet they had no business to win as it seemed they didn't care to win.

              However they played hard, their heart was in the game on Sunday, even though it took them 3 periods to score it was back and forth and the goalies stood on their heads the first two periods, however 3rd period, a mistake by the Kingston goalie out of his net behind the first goal is scored with a wide open goal. Then of course they scored their second goal and then the empty net goal and of course the Gennies won their game 3 - 0, very exciting game and enjoyed every moment at the game.

                 I had a great evening with my friends, even though Terry, hyper as ever can be and of course him picking on me like usual, but Angie and I got him good. Ha-ha! It is never a dull moment with him. Honestly going out with them, really got my mind off of last week's drama at the mall and it got my depression down quite a lot compare to the recent past several days, I truly had a good time and looking forward to another game soon.


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